Book Overview

In 1998, I reached up and touched the golden underbelly of rock stardom.

Following a major label bidding war, my band The Uninvited were poised to become the next alt-rock sensation. With a hit song scaling the charts and a new album described as “The defining record of the decade,” everything was teed-up for a life of sold-out arenas, gold-plated Ferraris and Dom Perignon on draft. So what the hell happened?

THE UNINVITED: ON THE ROAD WITH THE GREATEST ROCK BAND YOU NEVER HEARD of is the story of 5 friends stuffed in a van on a Homer-esque nationwide odyssey, clinging desperately to a gossamer thread of one-hit-wonder fame while sharing the stage with legends like Cheap Trick, Blues Traveler, The Violent Femmes, Chris Isaak, and many more.

Though focusing on the gritty, bizarre and often hilarious adventures surrounding the pursuit of rock stardom, The Uninvited is in essence a musical love story, exposing the heart-wrenching costs of “fame and fortune” while questioning the scales we use to measure success.

And there was a gnome, too. He was kind of an asshole.

About The Author


As a musician, Steven V. Taylor has recorded 9 albums, two charting singles, and his music has been featured on some of TV’s biggest hits including Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210, and Party of Five, along with several major motion pictures including HBO’s Bronx TaleThe Commandments and North Beach. His band The Uninvited has played over 5,000 shows, sharing the stage with a host of rock legends from Cheap Trick to Blues Traveler.

Before starting down his musical path, Steven was interested in career opportunities in the field of Piracy. In pursuit of a swashbuckling life he attended the California Maritime Academy, graduating with a Third Mate’s license.  After college he worked in the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic, sailing on oil rig supply boats in the Bering Sea, and spent time on a dilapidated oil tanker on the Eastern Seaboard, but none of it came close to the romanticized pirate lifestyle he envisioned as a child.

Finally, in the late 1990’s, Taylor realized his pirate dream – not as a sailor, but as a touring musician:

“You roll into town, burn the house to the ground, grab the money and get the hell out before the cops show up.”

On the road he met the girl of his dreams, made a couple of tiny pirates, and settled in Northern California. Though slightly more domesticated, he and The Uninvited still venture out on raids from time to time.