The Storyteller's Secret: A Novel by [Badani, Sejal]

An Amazon Charts, USA Today, and Washington Post bestseller.

From the bestselling author of Trail of Broken Wings comes an epic story of the unrelenting force of love, the power of healing, and the invincible desire to dream.

Nothing prepares Jaya, a New York journalist, for the heartbreak of her third miscarriage and the slow unraveling of her marriage in its wake. Desperate to assuage her deep anguish, she decides to go to India to uncover answers to her family’s past.

Intoxicated by the sights, smells, and sounds she experiences, Jaya becomes an eager student of the culture. But it is Ravi—her grandmother’s former servant and trusted confidant—who reveals the resilience, struggles, secret love, and tragic fall of Jaya’s pioneering grandmother during the British occupation. Through her courageous grandmother’s arrestingly romantic and heart-wrenching story, Jaya discovers the legacy bequeathed to her and a strength that, until now, she never knew was possible.

I will begin my review at the end of the story. Usually, when I enjoy a book, I don’t want the story to end. I was comfortable letting this story end. Not because I disliked it. But, because the author did such a terrific job of tying up all of the loose ends. This book was a very emotional experience. Almost exhausting. I just could not stop reading. This explains why, as much as I enjoyed reading this book, I was content with it ending. It was beautifully written. I felt as if I’d been transported to India.

In my mind, I could vividly picture the characters, the settings, the time period. I hurt when the characters hurt and was jubilant when the characters were happy or celebrating joyous events. Would I read another novel by this author? I am afraid not. I am emotionally spent. I am way too empathetic. But, the author did her job; she drew me into the story. She also enlightened me as far as the history of India. Great read!

The Storyteller's Secret: A Novel by [Badani, Sejal]