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Book Overview

Scotland 1564: Oran Shaw is no ordinary man: a Warlock, determined to leave his lengthy, and turbulent, past behind, he disregards his elders, choosing to live a normal life among mortals… until he meets Kristene, a young, innocent woman, wrongfully accused of witchcraft. Following his instincts, he feels compelled to rescue her from her death sentence. It is an act he would later regret.

Together, they escape to a new life, settling in Triora—Italy. But life alters, when a sinister rival from Oran’s past—Magia Nera, a dark Warlock—discovers them. He secretly manipulates Kristene, luring her away from Oran, bitterly ending their relationship, his interference abruptly forcing all three to go their separate ways.

Four decades later: Oran has returned to Scotland with his new wife, Rosalyn, and her daughter, Eleanor; they are mortals. At last the Warlock feels contentment, living a normal and peaceful life with his family. But when Rosalyn bears him a son, Gillis, life changes utterly for the reluctant Warlock.

Soon, his past creeps up on him, in the form of a Sorceress called, L’Ordana. Oran recognises her as, Kristene, only now there is an element of evil inside her. She is not alone, and wants something from him: the location of a powerful amulet: The Shenn. Aware his son is destined to rule over the precious item, Oran vows to protect him, and his family… no matter what! Forced by his council, the Elliyan, to seek out the Sorceress and destroy her, he soon realises he is torn between their past and the present. But, when they come face to face, the Warlock unexpectedly finds himself as her prisoner.

While incarcerated, Oran then allies with three unlikely characters, to help him escape; they are not what they seem. Half human, half Vampire, the three Dhampir, Reece (a Soldier), Asai (a Samurai), and Tam (a Highlander), are also L’Ordana’s prisoners—through no fault of their own. They, too, want freedom and their mortality restored. After much persuasion, Oran then makes a bargain with them: in exchange for their freedom, they find and protect his son. With many lives at stake, and time running out, a twist of fate then turns the table on them all, when one of the Dhampir makes a shocking discovery…

Interview with the Author

M.A. Maddock, thanks for being with us today. Congratulations on your upcoming novel! We’re excited to jump into this interview, so let’s get to it!

Tell us about yourself in a few sentences.

Asking an Irish person to write a ‘few’ words is, putting it mildly,
almost impossible! But here goes. I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. Having dabbled in other
things over the years (I won’t bore you) I always had lots of words constantly floating around in my
mind, but not getting around to putting them, along with my imagination, to literary use. That is, until
2011, when I finally picked up that pen and notebook, and began to string them into sentences, then
paragraphs, then pages, eventually joining them together to make up a novel (The Sixth Amulet:
Beyond the Darkness). However, my imagination had other plans; It didn’t want to stop. And so, one
novel turned into three: The Sixth Amulet trilogy.

Do you have any formal education, credentials or honors you’d like to share? We love giving authors an opportunity to show off.

Compared to now, education in Ireland was VERY different back in
the 80’s. Basically, you went to school and got a job, unless your parents were reasonably well-off, of
course, and could afford to send you to college (3rd level education in Trinity). However, that wasn’t
the case for me. But I did complete all my education: primary and secondary school (finishing just
before my eighteenth birthday in 1984 – remember, though, I’m very young at heart). After secondary,
I did a secretarial course (that’s what it was called back in ancient times!). Obviously, that was where
I learned to type – so, some use came out of it.

I have the advanced certificate in wine knowledge with the WSET,
known and respected world-wide. Also, I am a fully-fledged 1st Dan black belt in karate. Thankfully, I’ve, so far, never had to use it.

Speaking of showing off, do you have bragging rights on anything that you’d like to share?

I don’t like to brag! No, seriously! I don’t

Why do you I write. Is there a philosophy behind the words?

Everyone has a story to tell, a potential book tucked
away inside them. And all that’s needed to create it, is a simple recipe: a pen and a notebook. So, open
your mind and let your imagination roam through the endless possibilities it has to offer… then simply

Can you share with our readers what your favorite books are and why they’re on your list?

While I’m partial to exploring different genres, my first love is Fiction
(Fantasy and Historical). Why? Well, because it’s good to be able to escape from the realities and
sometimes the turmoil of life! Also, by writing fiction, I can bend the rules; after all, what’s not real
(especially in Fantasy) can’t be disputed. And by writing about what I know and love, I’ll put my heart
and soul into it, while enjoying the fact that I can let my imagination run riot, if I want. I won’t write a
genre I’ve no interest in; it would only reflect badly in the end result. Favourite books (well, some,
anyway): The Lord of the Rings; The Hobbit; Outlander series; Dan Brown novels; Dracula (Oh, here’s
a little fact for you: Bram Stoker wrote the famous novel in Clontarf, Dublin – 5 minutes down the road
from where I live. Now there’s something I could brag about!). Other favourite works include the
classics: Jane Austin; a little Shakespeare; H.G Wells; Arthur Conan Doyle (I’m a huge Sherlock Holmes
fan, which is why I named my dog, a Beagle, after him). We’ve all heard the saying ‘Knowledge is
Power’ – this is so true, which is why It’s so important to read, especially if you are a writer, or are
thinking of delving into the world of writing. But it’s also important to read different genres, including
some of the classics. By doing this, it broadens your mind, while giving you a literary lesson. ‘Look,
observe, learn’. These are three vital things when writing. Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter.

Can you tell us a little about your writing style?

I tend to write to suit the genre. The Sixth Amulet Trilogy is predominately set in 17th
century Scotland, with a small element of historical fact. So, although it is Fantasy Fiction, I chose to
write it in a style to suit the time in history (without being too ‘Olde Worlde’ of course) just to add
some authenticity to it. However, if I’m writing a piece set in modern times (I’ve written some short
stories) I naturally change the ‘language’ to suit it i.e. the characters and the subject matter.

What’s your writing process like?

Like many writers of my generation, I’m ‘old school’ – reaching for a pen and
notebook when making notes. The Sixth Amulet Trilogy was initially written in notebooks… a LOT of
them! But they’re my pride and joy and, despite the cramped hand and over usage of pens, I shall
keep them for posterity; they’ll be my constant reminder of where it all started. Having said that, the
‘notebook’ on my phone is also crammed with notes—handy when I’m out and about, especially on
long walks, where I get most of my inspiration. Nature and fresh air, as well as a good feed and plenty
of coffee, are all wonderful for those little grey cells. Then I’m ready to write – my preference being
the evening.

What are you working to accomplish?

When I first picked up a pen to write (officially!) I never imagined
I would come this far. The support and feedback I’ve received from people over the years has always
been the driving force for me, to reach the point where I have, today. And now, having recently signed
a contract with Hurn Publications (August 2020) to have my trilogy published, is something, a dream,
I had always hoped to achieve. There are moments I still have to pinch myself. To have someone
believe in your work, to be willing to take a chance on you, is one of the highest compliments in the
literary world, in my opinion. And, because our projects are just that, ‘ours’, we want the best for
them, and for those who have given us the opportunity to share it with the world. Therefore, I wish
to accomplish success, not only for myself and my precious novels, but also for my publisher, to be
proud of another of their authors.

Do you have any Works-In-Progress?

I began writing The Sixth Amulet in 2011, not realising at the time it would evolve
into a trilogy. Sometimes, in between, to take a break from it, I write short stories. But my main WIP
is The Sixth Amulet trilogy, a Historical Fantasy Fiction story. Before signing to Hurn publications
(August 2020 – Covid year) I had already completed parts one and two, and am currently wading my
way through part three. Listed below:
The Sixth Amulet: Beyond the Darkness (Part one) due for release September 2021
The Sixth amulet: The Moon Chasers (Part two) due for release 2022
The Sixth Amulet: The Shenn (Part three) due for release 2023

Anything else yo’d like to let our readers know about you?

This is more of an after-thought: I never went to college. I don’t
have a degree. So, my point here is… If you believe you can write, then you can do it. Don’t let the lack
of higher education intimidate you or put you off. Remember this: there is no age limit to writing (the
father of a well-known Irish author, here in Dublin, published his first book at the ripe age of 80!). You
see, that’s the beauty of it. You don’t have to be a super model or a scientist to be able to write. No.
You just simply need to be yourself, and have the belief. It’s thoroughly satisfying, too. And why?
Because it’s ‘yours’. Oh, and here is something I thought you might like to know: as well as my dog, I
love red wine (Ok, white, too!) and a wee dram of Scotch. I also met Benedict Cumberbatch… But
that’s another story.

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