MARCH 4TH, 2021

Did you watch A League of Their Own and love it?

Did you ever wonder who the African American Woman was that threw the ball so accurately and hard to the pitcher during one of their games? She was real and so were the many women of the Women’s Negro Baseball League, and this is their story that should have been told long ago...

Solange taught her daughter Selaine the game of baseball. Her love of the game carried over to Selaine upon her mothers death. Selaine loved baseball for the memories it evoked of her mother and because it as so much fun. Her dream was to play in a real league with other girls who had her same passion for the game. Once her Aunt Sharda introduced her to Rita Briggs, a player in the All American Girls Baseball League, she realized her dream could actually come true.

Little did she know that the color of her skin would play a big part in her ability to begin realizing her dream. But her father Dewayne, who had already worked through that kind of prejudice, dubbed Selaine’s team the Iron Butterflies of Mabelton, Georgia, to give them a psychological edge in their fight to earn a spot in the AAGBL’s Championship Game.

Iron Butterflies of Georgia tells the story of the real women who lived and breathed, wrapped in a Historical Fiction setting to bring the drama and magic to life.