Beyond The Darkness by M.A. Maddock



“In the Realm of my soul, I believe him to be a great Ruler.”

Scotland: 1564

Deep within the bowels of Elboru, it waits—an immense force—locked inside a sacred stone, destined to give its bearer the power to be a formidable Ruler.

It belongs to just one—the Magus—Lord of all Warlocks—and he belongs to it. But the world of mortals has been overshadowed by a menace: an evil entity that would have it in order to dominate and destroy all that is good. And yet, all is not lost.

From within this stone, a light is about to re-ignite by innocence, instilling hope into the hearts of those who would risk everything, to see it placed in the hands of the chosen one—to see it shine beyond the darkness.

PREORDER: Title will be released on September 14th, 2021

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