NYPD: Through the Looking Glass: Stories From Inside Americas Largest Police Department by [Ferrari, Vic]

NYPD: Through The Looking Glass exposes the funnier side of the New York City Police Department the public doesn’t get to see.

Retired NYPD detective Vic Ferrari shares his crazy stories from a twenty year-career with America’s largest police department. 

Would you believe an NYPD member would:

Hide a gun in his oven only to have it explode when he decided to make a snack?
Pay a prostitute with a check?
Move a corpse to avoid working overtime?

An insightful behind the scenes look into the NYPD that reveals: 

What goes on inside a busy police station and the characters inside 
NYPD Precinct nicknames 
The unofficial NYPD Glossary

Everything from Gun battles to practical jokes paints a colorful portrait of a cop’s world. Demonstrating a dark sense of humor many police officers have and use as a coping mechanism to deal with the stress of the job. For example:

Pouring wood stain in a co-workers Rogaine bottle
Smearing fingerprint ink on a toilet seat
Fill a car with crickets

NYPD: Through The looking Glass provides a taste of what it’s like to be an NYPD police officer with details and insight not found watching Blue Bloods or Law and Order.

If you enjoy true crime, Live PD or fascinated with police work, you’ve picked up the right book.

I selected this book as it sounded like a behind the curtain view of the largest police department in the United States and I wasn’t disappointed. The author examines the NYPD as only a insider (NYPD Officer) could do. There are stories that are truly sad; there are others that will leave you laughing at the irony of the situation. If you’ve ever had an interest in how the New York City Police Department operates this is a good read.

Vic Ferrari did his “20-and-out” with the New York Police Department, and in those decades, he dealt with his share of hilarity and disaster in the course of his career.

In this slim but packed book, he tells some of the funnier and nerve-wracking stories of his days in blue, revealing realities of life behind the badge, without ruining reputations and lives. You learn about the practical jokes veterans play on rookies, bizarre bosses, dealing with death, chatting with celebrities, crazy courtrooms, and even the proper use of guns at the range.

You also learn some interesting and sometimes sobering truths: police officers becoming addicted to the drugs they are supposed to remove from the streets, emotionally disturbed persons, gun incidents, and the police culture that can put pressure on officers to generate tickets rather than arrests because the former lead to fines, which is income needed to balance the budget, more important than “solving crimes.”

A super funny, slightly disturbing and completely honest look into the world of our Finest & Bravest. Thanks so much not only for your service but for the witty content and sharing your story!

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