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Book Overview

Did you watch A League of Their Own and love it?

Did you ever wonder who the African American Woman was that threw the ball so accurately and hard to the pitcher during one of their games? She was real and so were the many women of the Women’s Negro Baseball League, and this is their story that should have been told long ago...

Solange taught her daughter Selaine the game of baseball. Her love of the game carried over to Selaine upon her mothers death. Selaine loved baseball for the memories it evoked of her mother and because it as so much fun. Her dream was to play in a real league with other girls who had her same passion for the game. Once her Aunt Sharda introduced her to Rita Briggs, a player in the All American Girls Baseball League, she realized her dream could actually come true.

Little did she know that the color of her skin would play a big part in her ability to begin realizing her dream. But her father Dewayne, who had already worked through that kind of prejudice, dubbed Selaine’s team the Iron Butterflies of Mabelton, Georgia, to give them a psychological edge in their fight to earn a spot in the AAGBL’s Championship Game.

Iron Butterflies of Georgia tells the story of the real women who lived and breathed, wrapped in a Historical Fiction setting to bring the drama and magic to life.

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About the Author

I met a woman in the airport who saw me reading and asked me if I had authored any books. I told her no, but I had written a lot while attending school. She said if you love to read, you have a story to tell. She advised me to join the Long Ridge Writers Guild to find out if my passion for reading would extend to writing a book. I took her advice and joined the Guild when I returned from my trip. They helped me write a few small items, then I moved on to their novel class. The Guild got me through the first three chapters of my book and I’ve been working solo since.

 I was very inspired by a specific scene in the movie A League of their Own. I do not believe we are so different from one another or that we need to use prejudice to divide ourselves. I would like to send a positive message about embracing our differences and learning from each other, rather than holding our differences against one another.

Susan Scholz is a mother, grandmother, former military in both the Army and Marine Corps, and spends most of her time giving back to veterans in her area. She enjoys her grandchildren, her garden and the mass amounts of crafting supplies she’s accumulated over the years. Most of all, she’s a strong woman, who has taught others around her to be the same and to stand for others. Iron Butterflies is a continuation of that love and has been written in the hopes that the stories of the Women’s Negro Baseball League are never lost to time.

Author Links: Facebook | Pinterest | Website | Goodreads

Interview With The Author

Susan, thanks for being with us today. Congratulations on your upcoming novel! We’re excited to jump into this interview, so let’s get to it!

What was your path to publication like?

I got inspiration for my book from one particular scene in the movie A League of Their Own. I wrote it down and sent it off to Penny Marshall. It was of course returned to me, so I set about writing the story on my own. I have had my Aunt Dorothy and my niece Mckenna look it over and give me advice, which has helped advance the story. I found a publisher and she is going to match me with an editor, so I can fine tune it before we publish.

Do you have any formal education, credentials or honors you’d like to share? We love giving authors an opportunity to show off.

  • Asssociates Physical Therapy
  • BS Business Mgmt
  • Masters Public Administration

Speaking of showing off, do you have bragging rights on anything that you’d like to share?

Member of All Army Track Team 1981

Why do you I write. Is there a philosophy behind the words?

I was very inspired by a specific scene in the movie A League of their Own. I do not believe we are so different from one another or that we need to use prejudice to divide ourselves.

Can you share with our readers what your favorite books are and why they’re on your list?

John Grisham, Nora Roberts, Harlan Coben, because I love to solve mysteries!

Do you have any Professional & Literary Affiliations:

Long Ridge Writers Guild

What are you working to accomplish?

I would like to send a positive message about embracing our differences and learning from each other, rather than holding our differences against one another.

What are some Fun Facts about the book, Iron Butterflies of Georgia, that you can share with our readers?

Almost all of the characters are based on girls I have coached, my children, myself, friends and people I have met along the way.
I was able to visit a couple of the places I wrote about in the book. I was stationed at Millington, TN when I was in the Army.

Effa Manley had nothing to do with the AAGBL, but she did own a men’s baseball team, so I worked her into the book.

Peanut Johnson really did try to play with the AAGBBL, but they told her no due to the color of her skin. She showed them! Even though she was short in stature, she was not short on ability. Peanut was good enough to play with the men in the Negro Leagues and did. Just think what she could have accomplished on one of the teams in the AAGBBL.

I sent my idea for this book to Penny Marshall, because she wrote A League of their Own, my inspiration. I started writing, with the help of Long Ridge Writers Literary Guild, when it was returned undeliverable. It has taken me over 10 years to write this book. I wrote the first 3 chapters with Long Ridge, then life sort of got in my way, so I’m just now finishing it. I hit a wall in the summer of 2020, but having a deadline has helped me work through it.

Anything else you’d like to let our readers know about you?

Both of my children and I played softball. I played from age 18 until my oldest daughter Meaghan turned 5 and we had the same playing schedule. I figured it was God’s way of telling me it was time to put my glove down and pay attention to my child’s softball career. My daughter Meaghan no longer allows me to tell softball stories, because I get too passionate in the telling! Actually, I used to get very angry, because I was her coach before I turned her over to the high school. Softball has been with us since the beginning and it’s some of our fondest memories as a family.