Work With Us

Hurn Publications is the proud publisher of great writers and gifted storytellers, beloved books and eminent works. We believe that literature can fuel the imagination and guide the soul. There’s a book on our shelves for every reader, and we relish the opportunity to publish across every category and interest with the utmost care and enthusiasm. We greatly value our relationship with influencers in helping to bring these stories to readers.

Who is Hurn Publications?

Hurn Publications is composed of five divisions: Hurn Publications (Trade), HurnPubKids (Children), Butterfly Press (LGBTQ+ Books), Beach Chicken Publications (YA Reads), and Release Press (Romance).

To learn more about our commitment to being a cultural institution that serves society, read about our social responsibility plan. To learn more about how we operate read about us.

How does Hurn Publications work with influencers?

We work with influencers in three main capacities—media mailings and marketing campaigns. To establish consistency and transparency in these functions, we’ve formalized the below as HP-wide guidelines, as of Jan 2021.

  1. Hurn Publications does not offer monetary compensation for buzz mailings that have no posting requirement. For buzz mailings, we will provide you with books and give you the opportunity to read and review them, but you are under no obligation to do so.
  2. Hurn Publications has a specific HP Readers-Reviewer Group. You can fill out this form to be considered. Hurn Publications does not offer monetary compensation for being part of this group. We do not charge a fee to be part of the HP Readers-Reviewer Group
  3. Hurn Publications does offer monetary compensation for sponsored content where posting is required. These paid posts will be within specific parameters, including timing and content guidelines, and potentially content approval.

Note: If you are an influencer or have a social media presence but also contribute to a media outlet, please disclose that in your outreach to us.

Am I able to work with more than one HP imprint?

Unless you have signed a contract that states otherwise, you are eligible to work with more than one Hurn Publications imprint at a time.

Do you only work with influencers in the book space (bookstagrammers, booktokers, booktubers) or are you open to working with influencers in other interest areas?

While we most frequently work with book influencers, we are also keen to work with influencers whose primary focus is not on books. If you and your audience have a genuine interest in books and reading, we’d love to consider working with you.

Can I work with Hurn Publications U.S. if I reside outside of the United States?

At this time we are only able to work with influencers outside of the US on a free and voluntary basis. We would not be able to provide any paid promotions and cannot guarantee that you’ll receive physical books to review. It will mostly be eBook copies.

Can you provide a list of the influencers Hurn Publications currently works with?

Hurn Publications takes privacy very seriously and therefore we cannot provide the personal information of our partners.

How do I get in touch with you to become an influencer?

Thank you very much for your interest. Follow this link HERE to fill out a Google Form to be considered.