Title Ordering

Bookseller, retailers, libraries, and many other companies have the choice to open an account with Hurn Publications and order through our online store that includes high discount prices then they would receive through Ingram retailer accounts.

Additionally, you can find all information on our books on our Back, Short and Front List PDFs allowing you to find our books through your preferred avenue of ordering.

You can also find this same information on our accounts at:

If your company or city regulations deem that you have to order from a specific website and you don’t see us on it, please contact us directly so we can correct this for you.

For retailer choosing to order through Ingram: Please go to your Ingram Booksellers Account
For retailers choosing to order through our website: Click HERE (currently being built, please check back later or contact us through the email listed below)
For retailers wanting to set up a wholesalers account: Contact with information on title, edition, and a rough estimate of how many units you’re wanting to order.