Our Imprints

Hurn Publications is the international home of 5 creative and imaginative imprints. Together our imprints publish works to all types of readers across the full spectrum of genres in print, eBook and audio versions. Browse our imprints below to learn more about the diverse voices that make up Hurn Publications and bring all our books to life.

Hurn Publications is known today for the broad scope of its publishing program and its singular market responsiveness, qualities that are reflected in its savvy selection of authors and books and in its aggressive efforts to market them. This is the home for most of Hurn’s Trade publications with the exception of romance and LGBTQ+ stories.

Butterfly Press is the dedicated space for LGBTQ+ stories and authors. In an effort to bring more diversity and #ownvoices to the world’s bookshelves, Butterfly Press was brought to life. While LGBTQ+ authors have the choice to be published through Hurn Publications or Butterfly Press, either imprint will ensure that more diverse stories and authors are seen and supported.

Release Press is dedicated to the top genre in the world: Romance. We offer an array of titles that are both engaging, enticing and downright scintillating. A majority of these formats are mainly in digital and you can find them in more competitive markets.

Beach Chicken Press is the home for all thing Young Adult. From hilarious coming-of-age titles to the full on fantasy stories that most love and enjoy. Beach Chicken Press brings you the best in books for YA, while keeping it inclusive, diverse, and spotlighting handi-capable characters and the important topics of mental health.

HurnPubKids is the home of all things fun, imaginative, educational and playful. Dedicated to our K-12 readers with a high volume on Children’s Picture Books and Middle Grade reads. This is where educators and librarians come to find the absolute best for their young readers to help foster a love of reading and all things magical. This is also where we have implemented the Princess Like Me® & Prince Like Me® Campaign.

Our Princess Like Me® and Prince Like Me® Campaigns were thought up as a way to help bring more representation for all ethnicities of children so that each of them gets to be the hero in the story. No child should have to scour a bookshelf trying to find a princess or prince that looks like them. Hurn Publications is on a mission to make sure that no matter which ethnic background a child has, they can pick up one of our books, and see themselves in the story.
Our children deserve to feel like heroes and we’re going to make sure that happens. Learn more HERE.