Media & Publicity

Digital Marketing Content
Most of the content from our web site is available for you to copy to use in promoting Penguin Random House titles to your customers. Here is an example of the type of marketing material you can find on the site (

  • Cover images
  • Author interviews
  • Sample chapters
  • Reading group guides
  • Author bios
  • Recipes
  • Teachers’ guides
  • Audio excerpts
  • Download guidelines:
    We just have a few rules:

    1. Any copyright information that accompanies the content on our site must accompany that content wherever you use it (for example, you must use the copyright lines that appear at the end of excerpts).
    2. The content cannot be resold–remember, this is just for promoting the sales of the titles themselves.
    3. Content cannot be altered.

    If you require one or a few marketing cover images or audio excerpts pertaining to Hurn Publications titles, you can download them directly from the site.

If you are a retail partner of Hurn Publications and have a bulk request or if you need other marketing cover images not found on such as hi-res images, please send us an email telling us what you need and for which book: