How Publishing With Hurn Publications Works

Hurn Publications is a collaborative book publishing company. 
Our goal is to financially and professionally empower and reward the whole creative team that produces our books, foremost the author without whom none of this would be possible. Independent collaborative publishing business models are efficient, effective, and make sense for all concerned.

How Is Collaborative Publishing Different?

Collaborative publishing is an option that makes sense for authors by combining the selective literary standards of a traditional publishing company, the distribution power of new technologies and the personal touch of an independent publisher. We work with ALL our authors through Asana, an online project management tool, so that at all times you know what is needed and expected of you.

What we’re not:

  • We’re not traditional publishing, meaning we don’t pay you an advance — kudos to anyone able to land one these days.
  • We’re not subsidy publishing, meaning we don’t present your book amid a field of thousands of uneven quality on a website that a potential reader must know to look for and will probably miss.
  • We’re not self-publishing, in which the author assumes the responsibility of finding, assessing, assembling, coordinating, and paying a team of experts in every area that publishing a good book requires.

What Hurn Publications Does

  • Produces professionally designed and edited ebooks, paperback, hardbacks and audiobooks
  • Distributes books globally through major carriers; Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Chapters, Waterstones, The Book Depository, Amazon AU, Booktopia, etc
  • Distributes books globally through smaller carriers; Independent Bookstores, Libraries, Retailers, Schools, E-commerce companies, etc
  • Employs unique and effective publicity initiatives

What Distinguishes Hurn Publications

  • Commitment to our authors and to our team
  • Enthusiastic author-friendly approach to the publisher-author relationship
  • Uses Asana project management tool to communicate what’s needed from the author and when it’s due by
  • High royalty rates
  • Multiple streams of income for each title
  • We automatically submit our books for book competitions
  • Honest dealings and timely, transparent accounting
  • Authors will be working with our CEO during a lot of the process

Do I Have To Pay For Anything?

No. Never. Absolutely Not.

Hurn Publications covers the costs of editing, formatting, book cover designing, distribution, and marketing, etc. If we decide that your book baby is a good fit for our imprint, and displays or promises the high quality we require, we’ll offer a book contract and work together from there.

What truly makes us unique is that we don’t publish 200 books a year and only market 2. We’ll publish up to 15 books a year and market ALL of them. Which means, yes, it may be more competitive to get accepted with us or you might have to wait a little longer for your book to hit the shelves, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Note To All Picture Book Authors: Children’s Picture Book Authors that feature a human main character are required to be part of our Princess Like Me® & Prince Like Me® Campaigns. Learn More: HERE

*Note: All authors keep their Copyrights. We expect authors to have filed a Copyright for their manuscript or to have at least started the filing process upon signing with us. You can do this easily online at and e-file for only $45.

What Do You Expect Of The Author?

We expect and hope that the author will put the same amount of effort in that we will. Gone are the days where authors can be literary ghosts, hiding in the shadows while the publishers did all the marketing for them.

Hurn Publications Authors will need to be out on the front lines, active on social media, willing to be on video and chatting with readers and writers alike. Today’s readers are smart, educated and they want to know the author behind the story. We’ll be with you every step of the way.