How I Became The Fittest Woman On Earth: My Story So Far by [Toomey, Tia-Clair]

I have loved to compete since primary school; where I lived for sport, particularly running, and would push myself to the limit to become better than yesterday. It may come as a surprise to you, but I always came second. I was always the underdog, that person who just fell short. I never gave up, I just felt that fire in my belly get stronger and stronger – I wanted do more, be more, achieve more.

The day I finally came first was something I had always dreamed of. At twenty-four years old, I was crowned the winner of the 2017 Crossfit Games and officially became the Fittest Woman on Earth. When I heard my name called in front of thousands of cheering fans, I felt like I was invincible. I was on top of the world and suddenly everything up until that point actually made sense.

With the support of my partner, Shane, my family and my coaches along the way, I was able to achieve my dream of being number one. This is the story of how I got to where I am today. I hope you enjoy it but more importantly I hope it inspires you to dream big, work hard and never give up!

I loved this book! I watched Tia’s win on a Netflix documentary and to me she was one of the most humble competitors. She is an amazing athlete from a humble background who really had to work for everything she got. Her relationship with her husband/coach Shane is beautiful. They make an amazing team. Whether you just workout for fitness like me or if you are an athlete in any field you can relate to her struggles, self confidence issues and her ultimate victories over all make her an amazing role model.

Reading about Tia and her journey so far was fun and I found myself smiling many times from either having something in common with her or remembering the games. It was motivating to read, made me laugh and made me appreciate the games athletes even more. It’s been awesome to see her come into her own. You’re kick ass Tia!

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How I Became The Fittest Woman On Earth: My Story So Far by [Toomey, Tia-Clair]