How can I contact an author?

Some authors have email addresses, contact forms, or publicity addresses on their personal websites, which we may link to on the author’s detail page. You may also write to an author in care of their publicity department, using the following address formats:

[Author’s Name]c/o Meaghan Hurn
Hurn Publications
617 Coventry Drive
Temple, TX 76502

If you are unsure where to send your letter, please email with the title of the book and author’s name and we will confirm the proper imprint.

Please do not send in personal books, pictures, or items to be signed.

Where can I find an author’s website?

If an author has a website, the link will be available on the author’s detail page.

To find an author’s detail page, please enter the author’s name in the search toolbar or click on an author’s name on any book detail page.

How do I apply for foreign language/international sales reprint rights?

For entire book translation and reprint rights for Hurn Publications titles, please email and request to be connected to the subsidiary rights department of the specific imprint.

How do I apply for dramatic performance rights?

Dramatic performance rights, including requests for live theater, film, television or radio broadcast, must be requested from individual imprints.

Your request should include the following information about our material:

  • The title of our book (not your source book if that is other than our book)
  • Our author’s, editor’s and translator’s full name
  • Identify the material by title and/or chapter and/or pages (only if your source is our book) and the author and translator, if they are different from the book
  • ISBN of our book, if available.

Your request should include the following information about your use:

  • Your producer or company;
  • Title & author of your production if different from the title/author of our publication
  • Number and dates of performances
  • Address and seating capacity of performance venue
  • Ticket prices
  • If this is a reuse, please provide the contract number of your previous grant
  • Your complete contact information including a mailing and e-mail address

If your source is a collection, anthology, textbook, magazine, or any publication other than ours, review the copyright acknowledgment page(s) to locate the information pertaining to the original source for the material you wish to use. That information is relevant to your request.

Please email with the title of the book, author’s name (including any known co-authors or contributors) and specify which type of use permission for which you would like to reply and we will confirm the proper address.

I work for a media outlet interested in covering a Hurn Publications book. How can I request a review copy?

Requests for Advance Reader’s Editions or books for reviewers or media must be made directly to the appropriate publicity department. Email to request an ARC.