Book Overview

From the time she was born, Emma was on an amazing adventure.  She was able to travel the world, seeing amazing sights through her father’s eyes, with each new postcard he sent.  When she was old enough, she realized that it was her destiny to follow in her father’s Navy footsteps and start to see the wonders of the world on her own.  Standing on the same shores where she was born, she is ready to take her father on her travels the same way he did when she was young.

Emma’s Anchor is 24 page children’s picture book perfect for boys and girls ages 6 and up!

About The Author

Sometimes it seems as though I am a professional student.  I have an AS in Social Science, BS in Communications, BA in Education Studies, MAT in Middle Grades Teaching and a MA in Creative Writing.  My passion for learning is only topped by my passion for reading and writing.  I have had my nose in a book since I was young enough to identify all the letters of the alphabet.  I was able to turn this love of education and books into a profession that would actually pay the bills.  Currently I am a middle school English teacher.  I get to wear the punny tshirt and make teenagers groan as I crack horrible jokes and I love it.

In addition to being a lover of words I am also a Navy veteran.  I served from 2012-2016 and come from a long line of military service.  I am a 3rd generation Sailor and when I add in service from uncles and cousins, there is over 150 years of service in my family.

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