At Hurn Publications we want to write Articles That Matter. To share the light in the world that makes us amazing creatures. HP features writers, artists and amazing people; events and happenings that make a difference in the community. We root for the small businesses, the young budding artists, the people who make our American communities thrive.

Our founder became frustrated when all you could find were articles on a celebrities new haircut or which “Teen Mom” had her 12th baby. Nothing that helped the world thrive and grow. So, in true writer’s form; she created the world she wanted to live in.

You’ll find us in your community, supporting the little people, and creating a more educated and connected world. All opinions are welcome, but you better have your facts straight. We won’t print anything that isn’t backed by evidence and hard facts and honest research. Hurn Publications prides itself on Ethical Journalism. We hold our featured writers to that same extent.

We offer publishing for Books, Ebooks, Magazines, Freelance Writing and Business Spotlight Profiles. See,”Services” to learn more.

The purpose of raising money is so we can cover the initial expenses needed to help journalist & writers publish their books. We’re up against huge conglomerates that deprive the writers of their creativity. By raising money and awareness, we’ll be able to keep the profession of being a writer available and achievable through our services.

Additionally, we enjoy helping out small businesses grow their dreams and often times we do these services for free. In exchange, we accept donations instead of charging outrageous fees.

The money raised will go to helping writers/journalist publish without the intense costs associated with huge publishing companies. Often times these companies put costs on the writers themselves, and additionally take 70% of profits after the fact. That’s a business practice we just don’t agree with.

We’ll also use the funds throughout the year to keep creating ethical content, business profiles and marketing needs to help our own company grow. When you invest in a business that has a practice of “Doing The Right Thing,” you know that you’re putting more good into the world. And that’s what we truly need.


Tax Write-Off Donation towards supporting Free Speech and unbiased reports provided by Hurn Publications. Your donation will also help our writers and journalist create content without the worry.