Submission Guidelines for Authors

We are open to a broad range of subjects, well written, by authoritative authors.

  • Publishes hardcover, e-books, audio and trade paperbacks, originals and reprints. Will accept unsolicited mss, provided the “How to Submit” guidelines are followed correctly.
  • Pays 20% on royalty (highest in the industry). Does not pay any advances.
  • Publishes ms 12-18 months after acceptance. Accepts simultaneous submissions. Responds within 90 days to submissions. Please do not follow up before the 90 day mark.
  • Publishes up to 15 books a year, markets all of them

We do not print:

  • erotic novels
  • horror
  • any works that discriminate against other races, sexes, and
  • explicit romance (YA or Adult)


Subjects include adventure, fantasy, gay, gothic, historical, literary, mystery, military, psych-thrillers, science-fiction, suspense, war and western. We look for a strong story line and exceptional literary talent. Authors should strive to break free of stereotypes, cliches, and worn out plot devices to create strong, believable stories with depth and emotional intensity.

Nonfiction (Preferred)

Subjects include alternative lifestyles, art, biography, contemporary culture, education, environment, ethnic, history, hobbies, humanities, literary criticism, literature, memoirs, multicultural, music, nature, new age, philosophy, photography, plays, pop culture, psychology, recreation, spirituality, screenwriting and travel. Please ensure you have any and all references needed to validate information accuracy if writing of historical or current events.


We focus on themes that support independence of spirit, encourage openness to others, and foster a life-long love of learning. Female empowerment and strength in being different are highly sought after.

How To Submit Guidelines

Unsolicited submissions are accepted by email only. Please mention ‘query’ in the subject line and do not include attachments.
Cover letters with synopsis and contact information should be included in the body of your email.

For Fiction, please send a brief synopsis and paste the first 10 pages into the body of the email.

Nonfiction queries should include a detailed cover letter, your credentials and platform information as well as any publishing history. Include a detailed synopsis of your book.

Accepts simultaneous submission. Responds within 8-12 weeks.
Email Submissions: