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MARCH 2ND, 2021



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Book Cover Reveal

Book Overview


For years they have haunted Chloe Westfield: ghostly visions in silk, restless whispers she tries to forget and put behind her. But the girl in the teal dress is different. Her tragic fate pulls Chloe back to idyllic Heavendale, a picturesque lakeside town where her estranged mother is deeply involved in dressmaking. It seems that many women are absorbed in this occupation in her tiny hometown. Yet beneath the harmless surface lies a much darker purpose – something sinister with roots to the women’s enigmatic leader.  

As secrets from the past resurface, Chloe finds herself with only one choice: solve the mystery behind the teal dress before she becomes its next victim . . .

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Book Review TourThe Cold Dresses Book Tour will start in August and continue through until the official book release

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About the Author

David Pelletier was born in France of an Irish-Catalan mother and a French dad with Canadian roots. Now living in Watford with his British partner, he sometimes sees himself as an “international bastard”.

A keen runner and sewing enthusiast (Yep, he sewed that plaid shirt), he dabbled in various career paths before devoting his energy to his true passion.

Cold Dresses is his debut novel.

Author Links: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | LinkedIn | Blog

Interview With The Author

David, thanks for being with us today. Congratulations on your upcoming novel! We’re excited to jump into this interview, so let’s get to it!
Can you give us a few autobiographical words?

Born in France of an Irish-Catalan mother and a French dad with Canadian roots. Now living in Watford with his British partner, he sometimes sees himself as an “international bastard”.

Do you have any formal education, credentials or honors you’d like to share? We love giving authors an opportunity to show off.

  • HND in Interior Design & Interior Architecture-The Design Ecademy (TDE)
  • University of Paris X Nanterre-BA in LEA (French, English & Spanish Translation) – (Paris X Nanterre)
  • College of St Therese D’Avila in Lille (France)- A levels (Baccalaureat B)

Speaking of showing off, do you have bragging rights on anything that you’d like to share?

I speak three languages and a half (I didn’t stay long enough with my Italian partner to learn the other half).

Why do you I write. Is there a philosophy behind the words?

I tend to only write what’s truly meaningful to me. Writing is a cathartic and healing process through which I speak my own truth. Although Cold Dresses is by no means autobiographical, it’s based on themes that played an important part at one point or another in my life. 

Can you share with our readers what your favorite books are and why they’re on your list?

I tend to read more psychological thrillers than mysteries. My favourite author is Gillian Flynn. Sharp Objects is definitely a favourite of mine!

Can you tell us a little about your writing style?

I don’t like florid language. I wouldn’t say my writing is sparse but I usually avoid long, unnecessary descriptions. Saying that, I could do with grounding the reader more into the story at times.

What’s your writing process like?

I’m a slow writer going through bouts of procrastination and struggling to stick to a daily word count. Saying that, I constantly think about ways to improve the story until I reach a place that feels “true”. That’s when the words start to flow, but I have to peel off a lot of layers to reach that place. My weakness is my incapacity to write anything meaningful if I don’t “feel it”. My strength is probably a strong ability to navigate an intricate, complex plot.

Do you have any Professional & Literary Affiliations:

I subscribed to Jericho Writers last October.

What are you working to accomplish?

It’s a difficult question to answer. The fact I’m soon to become a traditionally published writer is a dream come true for me. Healing is an important part of the process. Ultimately you hope your writing can entertain people as much as it can touch them. And make them think too!

Do you have any works in-progress?

Nothing tangible yet, but I’m determined to start work on my second novel this year. Either that or write a short story.

What are some fun facts about Cold Dresses?

  • No mothers were harmed during the writing of Cold Dresses
  • I sometimes imagine Scissor Sister as Donald Trump in a wig. Fleshing out her character was a lot of fun; it certainly helped me cope with the sad state of the world. 
  • Cold Dresses was initially named A Pattern to Die For, with a rather humorous first draft but zero tension throughout. The whole thing was an absolute mess!

Anything else yo’d like to let our readers know about you?

I doubt myself all the time but I’m very determined. I get knocked down, but I get up again.