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For years they have haunted Chloe Westfield: ghostly visions in silk, restless whispers she tries to forget and put behind her. But the girl in the teal dress is different. Her tragic fate pulls Chloe back to idyllic Heavendale, a picturesque lakeside town where her estranged mother is now dedicated to dressmaking. It seems that many women are employed as dressmakers in her tiny hometown. Yet behind the innocent façade lies a much darker purpose – something sinister rooted in the women’s enigmatic leader.

As secrets from the past resurface, Chloe finds herself with only one choice: solve the mystery behind the teal dress before she becomes its next victim . . .

About The Author

David Pelletier was born in France of an Irish-Catalan mother and a French dad with Canadian roots. Now living in Watford with his British partner, he sometimes sees himself as an “international bastard”.

A keen runner and sewing enthusiast (Yep, he sewed that plaid shirt), he dabbled in various career paths before devoting his energy to his true passion.

Cold Dresses is his debut novel.

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