Let’s Get You Booked!

Here at Hurn Publications we’re happy to use our platform to help authors reach more readers.

Just because you don’t publish with us doesn’t mean that we can’t highlight your book and help your story find the right people.

We do have standards for our posts and there are a few genres that we won’t post about because it just doesn’t fit our ethos.

Genres we don’t print or post about:

  • erotic novels
  • horror
  • any works that discriminate against other races, sexes, and lifestyles
  • any works that depict rape or that contain extreme trigger warnings

Please fill out this form entirely

  1. Once you submit this, please email a photo of your book cover and an author photo
    (NO SELFIES) to: Submissions@HurnPublications.com
  2. Please donate $5.00 to schedule your book tour with us through this Paypal link and include your book title so we know who it’s for.

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