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“In the Realm of my soul, I believe him to be a great Ruler.”

Scotland: 1564

Deep within the bowels of Elboru, it waits—an immense force—locked inside a sacred stone, destined to give its bearer the power to be a formidable Ruler.

It belongs to just one—the Magus—Lord of all Warlocks—and he belongs to it. But the world of mortals has been overshadowed by a menace: an evil entity that would have it in order to dominate and destroy all that is good. And yet, all is not lost.

From within this stone, a light is about to re-ignite by innocence, instilling hope into the hearts of those who would risk everything, to see it placed in the hands of the chosen one—to see it shine beyond the darkness.

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“Beyond The Darkness” is the first book in “The Sixth Amulet” series, written by M.A. Maddock.

Maddock’s inspiration comes from a mix of different literary and historical sources. From Celtic and Nordic mythologies to Eastern European folklore with some Far Eastern influences too.

In Maddock’s world Warlocks and Witches vie for control and ultimate power over the land. Valkyries and Samurai warriors clash, strange and powerful destinies are revealed and where, oftentimes, nothing is as it seems.

There’s a lot going on and Maddock weaves all these strands together with a great deal of flair to create a vibrant world full of fantastical and diverse characters and locations.

“Beyond The Darkness’ packs a punch and I can’t wait to see where this exciting new writer takers her motley cast of misfits in the upcoming series. Suffice to say, if you like well-written action/fight sequences, enticing leading women and men, then look no further.

Even if you’re not a fan of fantasy fiction this is one book series that is well worth a look-see.

Malinda L., Fantasy Fiction Author & Screen Writer

About The Author

Asking an Irish person to write a ‘few’ words is, putting it mildly,
almost impossible! But here goes. I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. Having dabbled in other
things over the years (I won’t bore you) I always had lots of words constantly floating around in my
mind, but not getting around to putting them, along with my imagination, to literary use. That is, until
2011, when I finally picked up that pen and notebook, and began to string them into sentences, then
paragraphs, then pages, eventually joining them together to make up a novel (The Sixth Amulet:
Beyond the Darkness). However, my imagination had other plans; It didn’t want to stop. And so, one
novel turned into The Sixth Amulet series.