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M.A. Maddock
Dublin, Ireland

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Release Date: September 14th, 2021 (Worldwide)

Author Location: Dublin, Ireland

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Thank you so much for championing the special spaces that are libraries and sustaining all things books, reading, learning, and community. Beyond the US critical acclaim, the title received advance praise from Publisher’s Weekly, Julia Blake, and Kirkus Reviews. Below is the publicity campaign to date in Ireland:

Forthcoming: An interview on the Books Ireland ‘Burning Books’ podcast, and The Irish Times. More TDA.

October: A rave review in The Sunday Independent; and an Interview on the Irish Times Women’s Podcast.

November: An interview on Writer’s Chat; and excellent reviews in The Irish Times; ReviewIndo; Hotpress Magazine; and The Westmeath Independent. 

Please let me know if you need anything further to consider ordering the title. I’d be delighted and honoured if you did. My thanks in advance for your support.


Early Reviews

“Beyond The Darkness” is the first book in “The Sixth Amulet” series, written by M.A. Maddock.

Maddock’s inspiration comes from a mix of different literary and historical sources. From Celtic and Nordic mythologies to Eastern European folklore with some Far Eastern influences too.

In Maddock’s world Warlocks and Witches vie for control and ultimate power over the land. Valkyries and Samurai warriors clash, strange and powerful destinies are revealed and where, oftentimes, nothing is as it seems.

There’s a lot going on and Maddock weaves all these strands together with a great deal of flair to create a vibrant world full of fantastical and diverse characters and locations.

“Beyond The Darkness’ packs a punch and I can’t wait to see where this exciting new writer takers her motley cast of misfits in the upcoming series. Suffice to say, if you like well-written action/fight sequences, enticing leading women and men, then look no further.

Even if you’re not a fan of fantasy fiction this is one book series that is well worth a look-see.

             –Malinda L.Fantasy Fiction Author & Screen Writer

A massive thank you to Miriam and Hurn Publications for sending me an ARC copy in return of an honest review.

Beyond the Darkness is an epic historical fantasy jampacked with vivid imagery. Historical fiction is usually not my go-to genre but mixed with fantasy, Maddock entwines both expertly to create this epic masterpiece. I enjoyed both the historic and fantasy element equally. Each character has a purpose that fuels the story forward and the story is unique from the first page to the last.

This is the kind of book that will have you hooked from beginning to end, you’ll keep turning pages because you need to know what happens next. I’m so glad this will be a series because one book was not enough, I need more!

Maddock is a very talented writer with an eye for detail, an incredible imagination, and the best storytelling ability I have seen in a long time. I’m very excited for her next book and all of her future books.

             –Sarah O., True Crime Author

A sumptuous slow burn of a book in the grand style of epic fantasy of a bygone age. Beyond the Darkness is the first of a series and the author has used this luxury of time to weave a world of ancient Gaelic life, layering a realm of magical beings and intent over the mundane.

Oran is an immortal whose life takes an unexpected twist when he rescues a young woman accused by her superstitious neighbours of being a witch. But he has no idea of the consequences of this simple act of kindness or the impact it will have on himself or his family.

Lushly descriptive, its narrative is reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings with the landscape of old myth and magic its words conjure in the reader’s mind.

The author has leaned hard into the ancient mythology and folklore of Scotland, and it is clearly a subject dear to her heart. This degree of passion within the author cannot help but be transmitted to the reader through the strength of the writing.

This is a book that demands the reader pay attention to every word and cannot be read lightly or when distracted. As books were originally intended to, this is a novel that consumes its reader and transports them to another place and time.

             –Julia B., Fantasy Fiction Author

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