Book: Oma and the Prince 
Author: Susan Ngozi Nwokedi
Genre: Fairytale
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Book Overview

Oma and the Prince is a unique African fairytale that follows the journey of Oma, a poor girl with a rare skin disease. Oma was ridiculed not only because of her skin, but because she aimed high. This fairytale encourages its readers to dream big and chase those dreams. It covers social topics such as bullying, self-advocacy, and diversity. Along with following their dreams, readers learn that the beauty that really matters is inner beauty. 

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Author Interview

Can you, for those who don’t know you already, tell something about yourself and how you became an author? 

For as far back as I could remember, I have always been fascinated by good stories and books.  I am an educator, filmmaker (producer/director) and actor.  

What is something unique/quirky about you?  

My friends, coworkers and family say I have a unique laugh.  I’ve been asked to record my laugh as a ringtone for others.  

Tell us something really interesting that’s happened to you! 

There were these moments where people did me wrong but then their pay back was really, really, really out of this world, literally.  I had nothing to do with it though.  So, you can say God is always looking out for me.  

What are some of your pet peeves? 

Rudeness, self-entitlement, and extremely and unnecessary loudness 

Where were you born/grew up at? 

Born-Nigeria, Grew up – USA, Texas 

If you knew you’d die tomorrow, how would you spend your last day?

Make sure my spiritual self is good, more good deeds for others and spending time with my loved ones. 

Who is your hero and why? 

Jesus, because Jesus is the true definition selflessness and role model. 

What kind of world ruler would you be? 

A leader who understands that all people are not the same and do not need same thing.  And a leader who believes that teaching people to fish is more important than giving them fish.  

What are you passionate about these days? 

Creating beautiful content, stories, empowering and motivating others, sharing my talents and knowledge with others.  

What do you do to unwind and relax? 

Cook, workout, read, write, and watch K-Drama 

How to find time to write as a parent?

I just write.  I take time from my given 24 hours and just write.  

Describe yourself in 5 words or less! 

Optimistic, insightful, charismatic, diligent, nurturing 

When did you first consider yourself a writer? 

When I wrote and produced my first motion picture.  

Do you have a favorite movie? 

Beauty and the Beast 

Which of your novels can you imagine made into a movie?  

Oma and the Prince.  It actually has a screenplay and I have some request for it to be on stage. 

What literary pilgrimages have you gone on? 

Generally, I hunt for books on learning and self-improvement

As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal? 

The Eagle 

What inspired you to write this book? 

My daughter and my desire to teach, entertain and empower others through storytelling.  

What can we expect from you in the future?

Books, movies, podcast, shows and other Susan Nwokedi Brand of products. 

Do you have any “side stories” about the characters?


Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in Oma And The Prince? 

Oma is a very confident young lady, who had a dream and stuck with it. 

How did you come up with the concept and characters for the book?

My active imagination and some life experience. 

Where did you come up with the names in the story?

I had a student who was named Oma and she embodied a very sweet personality that made me really appreciate her. 

What did you enjoy most about writing this book? 

Going on the journey with the characters. 

How did you come up with the title of your first novel? 

From the story

Who designed your book covers?

An independent designer 

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book? 


Did you learn anything during the writing of your recent book?  

Yes, faith is very important for achieving your dreams.

If your book was made into a film, who would you like to play the lead?

Hmmm, I’ll circle back this question. 🙂

Anything specific you want to tell your readers?  

I write so I can share with you.  I love you for making my dream come true.  Thank you for reading my book(s).  

How did you come up with name of this book?

What is your favorite part of this book and why? When the Prince said “This is my wife.”

If you could spend time with a character from your book whom would it be? And what would you do – during that day? 

With Oma, serving the elders in the community. 

Are your characters based off real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination? 


Do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you have the reigns of the story? 


Convince why you feel your book is a must read.  

Oma And The Prince is a must read because it is full of lessons for every age group.  Considering where we are in our world right now, the book speaks on issues such as self-love, self-advocacy, bullying and diversity. 

Have you written any other books that are not published?  

Yes.  Still working on some of them

If your book had a candle, what scent would it be? 


What did you edit out of this book?  

Some unnecessary parts and bad grammar

Is there a writer which brain you would love to pick for advice? Who would that be and why?   Dr. Suess (How he comes up with his wild stories and characters). 

Fun Facts/Behind the Scenes/Did You Know?’-type tidbits about the author, the book or the writing process of the book.  

Did you know that Susan Ngozi Nwokedi is an award-winning actor and filmmaker?  She was a kindergarten teacher; she loves to try food from around the world at least once?  She loves to dance in the rain.   What is the most important part of the writing process? 

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About the Author  

Susan Ngozi Nwokedi is an award-winning filmmaker with over 15 years of experience in the film and entertainment industry. Nwokedi can be found online at After graduating from the University of Houston and obtaining two Master’s degrees, she founded TopLine Productions and Entertainment Company. Realizing her passion as an educator and a leader, she opened the Children Come Click Education & Technology Center, a supplemental education enrichment program that provides K-12 support and adult education services. 

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

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