Book: The Forest
Author: Julia Blake
Genre: Fantasy
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Book Overview

“I met a man made of leaves with roots for hair, who looked at me with eyes that burnt like fire.”

An impenetrable forest that denies entry to all but a select few. A strange and isolated village, whose residents never leave.
A curse that reappears every generation, leaving death and despair in its wake.

What is lurking at the heart of the Forest? When the White Hind of legend is seen, the villagers know three of its young people will be left dead, victims of a triangle of love, murder and suicide.

This time Sally, Jack and Reuben have been selected, and it’s their turn to be tormented by long-buried jealousies aroused by the dark entity existing within its shadowy glades. Only by confronting the Forest’s secrets, can they hope to break the curse and change their destinies – if they have the courage.

Keeper of secrets. Taker of souls. Defender of innocence.
Existing on the very edge of believing, there is the Forest.
And this is its story…

Book Review

A modern tale spun like days of old…

The Forest is the kind of story you’d expect to find in a dusty old tome if you wandered into a magical bookshop in an old English village. It’s a timeless epic tale full of mystery, love, magic, folklore, and the complex interweaving of human hearts across the eras.

Upon opening it the beauty does not stop there. Although I read a Kindle edition, I also own the paperback which I have to say is stunning. The attention to detail spreads through on the pages with illustrations and little flourishes that capture the essence of the story.

Julia Blake never disappoints; her writing is always worthy of its praise, slick and precise. But with The Forest, there is a little extra magic cast to its pages. With lyrical, poetic prose, that lifts off the page as if it’s an age-old tale itself . . . the writing is sublime, fully encapsulating the genre perfectly, and effortlessly.

About the Author

I was born and raised in the beautiful historic market town of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, where I live still with my daughter, one crazy cat and a succession of even crazier lodgers. I’m a multi-genre author which basically means I write whatever story floats into my head and worry about what genre it fits into afterwards. So far, I have written in contemporary fiction, romantic suspense, YA fantasy, folklore fantasy, sci-fi, short stories, poetry, and even a fabulous steampunk retelling of the Snow White story.

I have been writing stories and poems since I could first pick up a pen, and I promise there are many more books in the pipeline. I write the kind of books that I like to read myself. Books I can escape into and that make me laugh, cry and really connect with the characters. I also like my books to have a very satisfying ending, where all is explained and no string is left untied, well, not unless I’m planning a sequel that is.

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