Searching for hilarious, quirky, and relatable books to shake up your book club? Our 15 funny book club books are perfect for modern women, stressed out moms, and anyone in need of a laugh!

These hilariously funny book club books are perfect for when you need a light laugh or for your (probably virtual) get together. Crack open the wine and find your next title below.

Where’d You Go Bernadette is one of those spit your sip of wine out funny books, perfect for a night of book club laughs.

15-year-old Bee Branch’s parents, software genius, Elgin, and former architect, Bernadette, promise their daughter a cruise to Antarctica. Bernadette though, is on the brink of disaster.

After a feud with a neighbor and a school fundraiser gone wrong, Bernadette disappears. Bee, determined to get everyone on board – literally – with her cruise, picks up her mother’s trail. She weaves together emails, school memos, and conversations with her Bernadette’s Indian assistant, Manjula.

Will Bee and her father find Bernadette? Is she absolutely insane of just sane enough? One of my absolute favorite funny book club books, Bernadette speaks to the bit of crazy in all of us.

I don’t think there’s a book I’ve recommended more as a librarian than The Rosie Project. Simsion’s novel is a perfect balance of quirkiness and humor.

Single, obsessive compulsive genetics professor, Don Tillman decides it’s time to find a wife. His plan – The Wife Project – is to eliminate undesirable candidates through a simple questionnaire.

Rosie is on a quest of her own, to find her birth father. When she asks Don for help, the two are drawn to one another, though are clearly a terrible match on paper. Rosie challenges Don’s obsessive habits and encourages him to be spontaneous. Can these two actually be a match?

The Rosie Project is an intelligent, yet sweet romantic comedy with protagonists who are clearly awkward misfits, yet winners in their own ways.

We all know an Eleanor. Socially awkward. Hasn’t cut her hair since she was thirteen. Does crossword puzzles during lunch. Weekends are bookended with bottles of vodka and phone conversations with her mother. Her coworkers think she’s socially underdeveloped and she thinks them idiots.

Eleanor doesn’t know that life should be anything more than fine. But a chance encounter Eleanor and Raymond, a coworker, have with an elderly man who collapses on the street changes everything.

As clues to Eleanor’s sad, troubled past surface, her newfound friendship with Raymond drives her break from isolation.

But wait, this doesn’t sound funny…

Admittedly, I receive many comments that readers didn’t quite find Eleanor hilarious. To me, funny book club books can (and should) include the quirky and relatable side of humor, too.

Eleanor is quirky, awkward, and weird. But she charms the hearts of readers and rakes in more than a couple of laughs.

Ove is a miserable, curmudgeon of an old man. At 59 years old, Ove is a widower who’s tried (and failed) to kill himself multiple times. His neighbors call him the bitter neighbor from hell.

But, one morning, his chatty new neighbors accidentally run over Ove’s mailbox, and he, unfortunately, has to talk to them. And apparently teach them how to drive. What follows a comical tale of human values, community, and friendship.

A Man Called Ove speaks to what it means to not just live, but be alive. Humor mixed with genuine human emotion will have you crying one moment and laughing the next. Guys, I hugged this one when I was done.

Do you ever have a friend recommend a book, put it on your “to read” list, and then just forget about it? Don’t let Pairs with Life by John Taylor become one of those books. Just buy it now and then actually read it.

Corbett Thomas is one of those guys who just has crappy luck. In everything. Epic failures in work, sometimes of his own making. Relationships that don’t take off the ground, not always of his own making. And often interesting life choices that make you question if it’s really bad luck.

But despite being someone who could very easily be unlikable, Corbett has a self-awareness that makes him endearing and a love for his friends and family that let you know that despite his, at times, bumbling response to life, he’s a good guy with good intentions. He’s the kind of person you want to win in the end, in spite of it all.

This story takes you through the ups and downs of following a passion in wine to live out a dream to own a vineyard. Set in the Napa Valley area, this book truly transports you into the heart of the wine industry, without feeling heavy handed. Although you’re living in the world of maybe-Master-Somm, Corbett Thomas, the plot, the characters, and the relationships are still relatable even if you’re not a cork dork.

This book will have you laughing out loud, dabbing tears from your eyes, and feeling grateful you took the time to enjoy it.

Ashley Keller is a career woman turned stay at home hot-mess mommy to eight month old Aubrey. Emily Walker keeps a pinterest-worthy home and runs a successful mommy blog and media empire.

When Ashley snags a spot in Emily’s Motherhood Better Bootcamp, she sees a chance to improve as a mother and homemaker. Ashely attempts to navigate her way through crafts, mommy groups, and makeovers.

But hot mess mom is a title harder to abandon than she realizes. But she’s about to change in a way the Motherhood Better Bootcamp could never have prepared her for.

One of the best funny book club books for moms, this speaks to the pressures of millennial parenting – and living. However, this title will resonate with anyone who owns a cell phone or has an Instagram account. Or anyone who has ever felt or laughed at the need to be perfect.

Maggie Harris is happily married with two healthy children. Anxious by nature, she has a couple of not always rational fears, like identity theft and falling air-conditioners.

The least of her worries is finding herself single at thirty three. But when her husbands walks out on her, Maggie comes face to face with her biggest fear – herself.

After years of caring for everyone but herself, Maggie embarks on a trip to Rome, begins a new career, and even enters into a new relationship. But when disaster strikes – again – what will Maggie risk to maintain her new sense of self. And avoid a nervous breakdown?

Tina Fey tells her own story. Not just the story of Saturday Night Live and Liz Lemon, but her story.

Through biographical essays, Fey delivers magazine style parodies of her beauty regimen, college romance, and her “me time” as a new parent (ha!). All in jest, of course, this provides a unique angle into how this comedienne came to be.

Emily Charlton, a la The Devil Wears Prada, returns post Miranda Priestly. A somewhat successful consultant herself, Emily lands in Greenwich CT with the job of relaunching former model Karolina.

Karolina finds herself in hot water after her Senator husband’s very public indiscretion and her own arrest for drunk driving. Her only friend is Miriam, a New York attorney turned stay at home mom.

Together they’ll navigate this new territory…the suburbs.

Alan Karlsson’s had an eventful life. He turns 100 in just a day and his nursing home is planning a big celebration…though he’d prefer that there be more vodka.

He’s in perfect health and isn’t all that interested in celebrating. So Alan escapes out the window and embarks on a hilarious and surprising journey, complete with a suitcase full of money and an elephant.

Alternating with his adventures are flashbacks from his wildly fantastic past. Alan befriended Harry Truman, helped make the atom bomb, dined with Charles de Gaulle, and became a spy. Perhaps the nursing home was just too uneventful for him.

Lucy and Joshua don’t dislike each other. They despise one another. Hate. Detest.

They display their true feeling for one another through a series of passive aggressive maneuvers as they sit across from one another as assistants to the co-CEOs of a publishing company. As they are each up for the same promotion, tensions mount…and could cost them each a dream job.

Equally witty and sexy, this rom-com is a girl’s night book club must read!

Jen Dixon is a mom of two college age daughters but she’s about to embark on a whole new adventure: becoming her kindergartner’s class mom.

Her alternative methods though, such as tracking responses from parents for help, don’t go over well. With a cast of characters, including a Real-Housewife in training, a sexy teacher, and an over sensitive mama, the job becomes more than Jen bargained for.

Highlighting the struggles of raising kids and the pressure to be perfect Class Mom offers a dose of humor and reality we need as parents.

Inspector Chopra retires and inherits two cases. One of a drowned boy (not funny) and the other of of a baby elephant (hilarious). Since no one else seems to take the circumstances surrounding the boy’s death seriously, Inspector Chopra will.

Khan mirrors the seriousness of police work with the randomness of a stubborn elephant. Part detective work, part struggle with stepping into retirement, and part superstar elephant, this one is unexpected (intentional!) and charming.

Imagine going from six figured to broke… When you go from having it all to having nothing, sometimes all you can do is laugh.

Lancaster brings us her smart-mouthed, soul-searching, hilarious memoir of discovering her perfect life wasn’t exactly all it was cracked up to be. With funny but real life lessons and unmatchable wit, Bitter is the New Black is a must for anyone navigating middle age.

One of the original comedic book club books, Bridget Jones’s Diary is laugh out loud funny. Through her journal entries, we follow Bridget Jones, a single thirty-something living in London.

Loosely based on Pride and Prejudice, Bridget is smitten for her boss, but her parents have their sights on Mark Darcy, a divorced family friend. The web gets pretty tangled.

Alongside her romantic flops, laugh along with weight loss journey, career advancements, family and friends, and, most importantly, finding love.

Full of modern, romantic humor (even 20 years later) Bridget Jones’s Diary marks the beginning of the chick-lit movement.

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