Book: A Plastic-Free World for You and Me
Author: Tracey Szynkaruk
Genre: Children’s
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Book Overview

Join Theo, a young boy who, with the help of his teacher and classmates, is working to reduce the need for plastic use in day-to-day life. From grocery stores to restaurants, read along to see how plastic use can be minimized to help make a plastic-free world for you and me!

Book Excerpt

Theo’s dad tells him that they are going to grab some pizza for lunch and that he will take some home for Theo’s mom. As Theo’s dad is paying for the pizza, Theo interrupts the clerk and says, “Could you please put the extra pizza we need in this container?” The clerk tells Theo that is fine and helps him put the pizza in the container. The clerk says, “That’s so nice to see. I hate knowing that take-out containers always end up in the landfill!”

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About the Author

Tracey Szynkaruk is a young author and mother of one who resides in Grand Forks, British Columbia. She hopes she can inspire people to make plastic-free choices for a cleaner and more sustainable world for her children and yours!

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Guest Post from the Author

Hi! I’m Tracey Szynkaruk and I am the author of A Plastic-free World for you and me. I had written my children’s book in hopes to inspire people to live a greener lifestyle. Here are some are easy changes anyone can make to help reduce plastic use in our daily lives. 

  1. Bring your own grocery bags when you go shopping. It is helpful leaving a few in the car.
  2. Do not use the thin plastic produce bags at the grocery store. Either purchase the reusable mesh bags produce bags or better yet, do not use any bags and just wash your produce when you get home. 
  3. Replace zip lock bags with containers.
  4. Do not take or use plastic cutlery. You can easily bring some from home or if you are already home why do you need more?
  5. Say no to straws. There are a variety of straws available that are reusable such as metal straws or perhaps you do not need one at all. 
  6. Instead of drinking from plastic water bottles, invest in a reusable one. 
  7. Try using shampoo bars instead of plastic bottled ones. 

These are just a few suggestions that can lead to cleaner streets, oceans and communities. By making a small change we can collectively make a massive difference for a better world. 

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