Book: Blood Magic 
Series Name: Realm Wardens Series Book 1 
Author: Bobbi Schemerhorn
Genre: Dark Epic Fantasy
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Book Overview

Can an ex-warrior, lost soul, and thief stop magic from falling into the wrong hands?

Dufin an ex-warrior dwarf now a mine working botanist, finds peace and purpose in his gardens with his flowers. But he is pulled away from his serenity by his king. An important package must be taken to the High Kingdom.

A mission he shouldn’t do on his own.
Enya, a human raised by dwarfs struggles with fitting in. Loved by the dwarf mother who raised her, but despised by the dwarf she longed to call father.

Jardeth, a thief too sophisticated for the brothel he was found in. A roamer, traveller happy to go where possible treasures may lie. His true intentions carefully concealed from those closest to him.
What does the package they carry contain? Will it throw the world into chaos or is it a peaceful gesture between two kingdoms?

Book Excerpt

“Shadow creatures? Ha!” Enya shook her head as she attempted to lean against a lamp pole. “I’m surprised at you, Master Warrior, believing such tales. They’re just horror stories parents tell their naughty children to keep them in line.”

“Aire ye armed or no’?”

“Urm…” She patted herself down and smiled when her hand hit something solid in her pocket. She pulled out a flask and lifted it to her ear. The sound of sloshing liquid put a wide grin on her face. “I am, indeed, Rusty-McRust-Rust.” She twisted off the cap and drunkenly lifted the flask to her lips, puckering as it got closer, as if in anticipation of a kiss.

Dufin slapped the flask from her hand and replaced it with a dagger. He wasn’t keen on having to do battle that night but was ready if need be.

Enya wobbled and looked at the knife like she had never seen one before. She opened her mouth to speak when a flutter of movement caught her attention out of the corner of her eye, between two tiny buildings across the street. The stores were closed, and had been for hours, so it made it difficult to get a good look.

“Did you see that?” She asked as she seemed to steady herself. “Hey,” she shouted towards the two buildings.

“Come, lass,” Dufin said pulling her with him. “We’re not equipped tae fight shadow creatures.”

As the words dropped from his mouth a darkness pulled away from the building down the street. The foul smell of sulphur filled their noses. The figure was hunched and appeared to be dragging its leg behind it. The only sound it made was of the limb scrapping along the cobblestone.

Dufin squared his shoulders, he was a master warrior not a coward. Outmatched and ill equipped, it mattered not, he would not run. Enya stepped up beside him, solid and seemingly sober. She faced the dark walkway between the buildings where the movement first caught her eye. The scraping grew louder and Dufin gripped his blade tighter. He cared not that no one believed him about the shadow creatures. With his own eyes he had seen the unworldly beasts tear his beloved to pieces before disappearing back into shadow.

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About the Author 

Bobbi Schemerhorn was born in Nova Scotia, but raised in Alberta. She has lived all across Canada, living in at least five different provinces, thanks to her military husband. Bobbi enjoys watching a variety of TV shows and movies; she is a Sims 2 playing fool, and loves working with her hands making crafts. Although she has no human children she does have one beautiful kitty who has reached her 19th year.

Bobbi is self-published in the fantasy genre. She has dabbled in Steampunk and Greek Mythology as well as Urban and Epic. Outside of her own writing Bobbi takes pride in helping her fellow authors with their work with her content editing and beta reading. She is known for her tough love both in her professional and personal life.

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