Author: Holly A. Sharp
Genre: Children’s Book
Pub. Date: November 12, 2020
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Book Overview

Welcome to the world of real possibility! Our best-selling children’s book is packed with adventure, inspiration, and interests that will get your 4th and 5th grade child ready to take on the world. Written for both boys and girls, our bedtime stories style role-model book will introduce your kids to the gamechangers in the world that they want to emulate as they get older.

This must-have real-life adventure book will introduce your child to over 100 different career possibilities and interests through 100 real-life role-models. Each story will showcase different careers, professions, struggles, and challenges, covering business, art, math, science, and technology. These real stories about real people and the adversity they faced (racism, sexism, homophobia) will show your child that they can persevere no matter what they believe.

As a hands-on and immersive kind of bedtime book that will motivate your child to be a trailblazer, we’ve included an activity with each story that will help spark your child’s innate interests. All you need to do is sit back, read the stories out loud with your kids, and watch their eyes light up in wonder and awe.

Guest Post From Author

You probably know someone in your life that always seems to be posing for the camera. They won’t put their phone down until they get just the right picture. They want to give off the impression that their life is perfect so that they seem cool online. YouTube might give the impression that the stars have perfect lives or that it’s easy. Neither is true. Robby Novak became a massive YouTube star by doing what this book encourages you to do—playing and exploring different choices. He did it without being fake and just being himself.

It all started when Robby made one video at the request of his brother-in-law (Brad) and found something that that people enjoyed viewing. In the summer of 2012, the country was in the middle of a presidential election, causing a lot of heated debate between people. The idea for a “Kid President” came from a playful idea that putting something online would help lessen political debate. It’d be funny and uplifting, or at least something to do on a boring afternoon.

Robby said, “I didn’t think that the world needed a kid as president of the United States. I just thought that world needed grown-ups to pause and see things through the eyes of a kid.”

Robby’s first video was just for fun. The studio consisted of a presidential seal drawn on a large piece of cardboard, a record player as a desk, two American flags held up with duct tape, and a nameplate that said “President.”

Without really writing anything down or practicing, Robby was told, “You’re the president, this is your chance to tell all the grown-ups of the world what you want them to hear.” So he did. He made his first video with Brad, who loved it so much he wondered, “What if a kid told everybody what he or she thought? What if that kid was Robby? Would anyone hear a happy, small voice over the louder, older, angry ones?”

What makes Robby special and such a beloved YouTube star (his most viewed video has over 45 million views!) was that his goal was never about becoming famous. His message is about what can we accomplish. He wanted to spread joy and help other kids be awesome. In fact, the reason that a group called “Soul Pancake” stepped in to make him more famous was they felt the Internet needed more joy. Most of his videos AND his book The Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome are almost exclusively focused on the 100 ideas he has for people to spread joy.

Titles of his most popular videos are A pep talk from kid president to you, 20 things we should say more often, 25 reasons to be thankful, and An open letter to Moms. Robby also created the idea of “day making”—changing the world through making someone’s day. For example, he created Socktober, in October, to donate socks to homeless shelters. He also had a parade for his town’s mailwoman. As a result of these videos, kids from around the world have engaged with Kid President to do awesome things of their own. For example, one of his viewers threw a “be awesome” birthday party where his guests brought him supplies for school that they donated to kids in need. Acts like these from kids all over the country make each neighborhood a better place to live. Both Kid President and his followers are proof that you don’t have to be a grown-up to make a difference.

As a result of his YouTube fame, Robby has been on talk shows, met President Obama, kissed Beyoncé, and interviewed countless celebrities. However, he has only used his access to fame to spread the word about making the world more awesome.

If you have dreams of being a YouTube star, think less about what you can do to be famous and more about what you can do to make a difference where you live. Is there someone you can celebrate, someone you can help, questions you can ask, or something that would cause people to laugh, dance, or smile? Make a video about that and worry later about if people would like it. Remember to always get your parents’ permission before ever posting something online! Take Robby’s advice: “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

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About the Author

Sharp spent the bulk of her career in new product development—dreaming up intuitive ideas from how to kill bugs to new ice cream forms to hit grocery shelves. A self-proclaimed problem-solver, she loves to think about the things that the world needs and figuring out how to make those things come to life. “Knowing in high school what I wanted to do with my life set me up for the right path.

I wanted the same for my child and searched for books to guide her, but came up short,” Sharp said. “That’s when I thought, ‘why not write the book for my child that she needs and that will also help others?”

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