Book: Sol Invictus
Author: Ben Gartner
Series Name: The Eye of Ra #2
Genre: Children’s Middle Grade
Find It: Amazon

Book Overview

Siblings John and Sarah barely made it home last time, but in their next time traveling adventure the challenge really heats up. Surrounded by clashing cultures on the ancient Roman frontier, they must fulfill their quest to unite the emperor with his enemy, an Alemanni barbarian, or risk being stuck in time forever.

An action-packed fantasy full of sword fights, chariot chases, fearsome wild animals, and high mountain survival. For graduates of the Magic Tree House looking for a thrilling middle grade page-turner, read Sol Invictus, book two of The Eye of Ra series!

Book Review

Sol Invictus is riveting, page-turning and absolutely exciting!

This second installment in The Eye of Ra series does not disappoint and keeps the excitement and adventurous spirit we loved in the first book alive and thriving.

Sol Invictus ramps up the action, character growth, and overall stakes plus there’s sword fights, wolf pups, narrow escapes, and even ancient cheesecake!

We highly recommend this series and author for your favorite middle school reader. Perfect for the upcoming holidays!

About the Author

Ben Gartner is the author of adventure books for middle graders and thrillers for adults. His writing for both audiences shares an ability to grab readers by their neurons for a thrilling ride, maybe even teaching them something in the meantime. Ben can be found living and writing near the mountains with his wife and two boys.

Author Links: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Bookbub | Goodreads

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