Book: The Two Fathers 
Series Name: Sam Dyke Investigations Book 11 
Author: Keith Dixon 
Genre: Mystery
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Book Overview

Why does Jessica Hastings come home late several times a week?

Her husband asks Private Investigator Sam Dyke this simple question. Dyke doesn’t want the case: he doesn’t do divorce work … but Brian Hastings doesn’t want a divorce, he wants an explanation.

When Sam finds out what Jessica is doing, it opens up more questions. And when Brian Hastings goes missing, they’re questions he feels compelled to answer.

At the centre of the mystery is a man who most people in Manchester don’t know–Larry Stone. But those who do know him, know that far from being the simple florist he seems to be, he’s actually the biggest crook in town. He’s powerful, he’s dangerous, and he’s currently working a deal with a Dutchman who’s even worse.

And Sam is now caught in Stone’s sights as he works to find Brian Hastings, to solve a couple of murders, and to prevent Stone corrupting even more members of his own family than he already has.

Before the biggest deal of Stone’s crooked career goes down. 

Book Excerpt

From Chapter Sixteen

Stone had walked into the middle of the tunnel as though he had a purpose, and when he turned to face me I found out what the purpose was. He gestured to the bald Welshman, and to another man who’d been standing inside the entrance, and they grabbed my arms and held tight. I didn’t bother struggling.

‘Go easy, big fella,’ the Welshman said. ‘This won’t last long.’

I’d been watching Stone’s face and it was as if the muscles in his cheeks and forehead had worked themselves up into permanent outrage. He looked as if he might explode. The energy came out of his hands as he worked them open and closed.

‘You talked to my wife,’ he said. ‘I told you I didn’t know anything about this Hastings man so you go running to my wife and start bothering her and my child.’

I said, ‘We were in a public place. Isn’t she allowed to talk to anyone?’

‘She is. You’re not.’ He nodded at the Welshman. ‘Hold him.’

He approached me and I knew what was coming and I watched his weight shifting to see whether he was going for the head or the body. Unfortunately, it was the body, so I could do nothing but try to tense my stomach as his fist drove into it. He had a heavy punch that came from his wide shoulders.

The air whooshed out of me and the Welshman and his friend held me as I doubled over.

‘Easy, big fella. Breathe deep.’

I did as he suggested, largely because I had no choice.

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About the Author 

Keith Dixon was born in Yorkshire and grew up in the Midlands. He’s been writing since he was thirteen years old in a number of different genres: thriller, espionage, science fiction, literary. Two-time winner of the Chanticleer Reviews CLUE First in Category award for Private Eye/Noir novel, he’s the author of eleven full-length books and one short-story in the Sam Dyke Investigations series and two other non-crime works, as well as two collections of blog posts on the craft of writing. 

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Bookbub | Amazon | Goodreads

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