Book: Doorway To Scorn
Author: Dimitrius Jones
Genre: Fantasy
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Book Overview

Many in the world of Austyria dream of becoming heroes, gaining classes like Mage, Knight, and Beastmaster. With the power granted to them by the powerful Alrelics, they can level up and accomplish extraordinary feats.

The citizens of Hollo village long for a hero to save them from the malevolent Gate, which disfigures all who see or try to enter it. Lex dreams of becoming a Soldier and leaving his cursed village with his friends, Bibi and Ariel, but his class designation ceremony devolves into absolute disaster. Within days, he’s forced to embark on a journey that will change his destiny forever.

To save his friends, Lex must uncover the mysteries of this mysterious doorway, while keeping his scornful heart in check before it consumes him utterly.

Book Excerpt

Oedorius notices the commotion and stalks towards us, the other guards following closely behind him. Soon, he reaches us, and Ariel’s soft whimpers have become loud, wailing sobs. Oedorius calmly stops and stares down at her, and I’m certain I see a glint of amusement in his eyes. 

“You are Ariel Branderford?” he asks. 

“You’re not taking her.” 

I blink, and Lex is between Ariel and Oedorius, his arms spread out to bar his approach. I position myself in front of Ariel, still crouched on the floor, and Oedorius sighs before sheathing his sword. He considers us for a moment before glancing back at one of the guards. 

“Kent. Be quick.”

“Those who would defy the hands of time, be hidden from its eternal grasp. Hold!”

My body shivers as I leap to my feet. No! Not that spell! I race towards its source, hoping I can at least knock the spellcaster off balance so it won’t have a chance to be fully cast. As I near Oedorius, time begins to slow, and it feels like I’m trying to run underwater. I frantically try to shake myself in order to move faster, but it’s too late. 

I become frozen in mid-air, everything around me moving as it should. Lex stands beside me still as stone, his hand stretched out as if to block the spell from hitting him. Maybe he meant to say something, but neither of us can say anything now.

Oedorius bends down and shakes Ariel’s shoulder. “Get up, girl. You’ve caused more than enough trouble. You will come with us, or we will kill you now.”

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Opinions From The Author

How to Start Writing When You “Don’t Have Time”

There’s only so many hours in a day. It’s natural to feel like you “don’t have time” to sit down after a
long work shift to start writing. So, what are you supposed to do?

The short answer is you need to tough it out. Yes, you do have time to write. You simply haven’t tried to
find space in your schedule, and that’s normal. Most of us don’t like to schedule or plan out our down
time. We get enough “scheduling” at our jobs, right?

Still, if you want to actually finish your writing project, you’re going to have to make time. Let’s explore
ways to accomplish this and get into the writing habit.

Be Honest About Your Schedule

We say we don’t have time, but is that absolutely true? Between work, our daily commute, and maybe a
gym session, we may end up with 4 to 5 hours of free time. That doesn’t seem like enough time at first.
We still need to fix dinner, catch up on our favorite shows, and make sure we’re in bed by a decent time.
However, it doesn’t take you 5 hours to fix dinner or watch one episode of a TV show. In fact, you can do
both at the same time.

We get so caught up in the amount of focus is takes to do a task sometimes that we forget that it
doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

Be Realistic About Your Schedule

Sure, you may have 5 hours to yourself when your workday is done. However, does that mean you
should dedicate 4 out of those 5 hours furiously typing up your masterpiece? Maybe not.

Yes, you want to make time for writing, but be careful not to overextend yourself. Start small at first
with an easy 30-minute session. Try this process for at least a week before extending the time. The goal
is to make writing a habit, which is hard to do when you start with longer timeframes.

Don’t Worry About Perfection

You’re going to feel like your writing makes no sense at times, and that’s okay! Focus your first phase of
writing on getting everything onto the page, no matter what it looks like. Most of the writing process
involves editing anyway.

You don’t even have to edit as you go, though some recommend it. I personally choose to edit once I’m
completely done. It helps me determine if the flow of the story is right, and I can focus solely on editing
instead of writing.

Make Time Your Ally

If you struggle with time management, this is the perfect opportunity to develop good habits. During
your writing sessions, the goal is to get as much done within the allotted time.

Speaking of goals, set an objective for each session and determine if it’s realistic to accomplish within
your timeframe. Can you really achieve 3,000 words in 30 minutes? Probably not.

The mindset is for you to not feel overwhelmed or discouraged after your sessions. Yes, the fact that
you’re writing to begin with is already productive, but it feels even better when you maximize your

Consistency is Key

Overall, stability will help you succeed. When it comes to writing, half the battle is showing up. It’s hard
to make something into a habit if you don’t do it every day. That’s why it’s important to fully commit to
your writing using the advice given in this article.

There will be days where you’ll struggle to get the words onto the page. You’ll get frustrated and
consider giving up your project altogether. It happens, and it’s part of the process.

Remember, you are fully capable of overcoming any hurdle on your way to becoming a successful
writer. Make the time, be kind to yourself, and trust your ability to craft an exceptional body of work.

About the Author

Dimitrius Jones was born and raised in West Texas, much to his eternal annoyance. Despite this, he first picked up the pen at the tender age of six. His first masterpiece was a page-turner was about dolphins that used eye lasers to kill a hurricane. From there, his life took a few twists and turns, but he always found his way back to his trusty notepad.

His next few projects include a self-help book for those who suffer from low self-esteem as well as a full-length fantasy/romance novel to be released sometime in the future. Dimitrius has always, perhaps unsurprisingly, been inspired by the mystery, tragedy, and wonder of fairy tales.

His goal in life is to constantly inspire, amuse, and shed light into the corners of life we didn’t know were right in front of us.

Author Links: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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