Author: Audrey Vernick
Pub. Date: July 7, 2020
Publisher: Margaret Ferguson Books
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Book Overview

Left reeling after her thoughtless mistake causes a terrible accident, 12-year-old Army Morand channels her grief to help someone in need.

Army Morand feels like her life has been blown to bits when the worst thing imaginable happens–her beloved dog dies. It was an accident, but it was also Army’s fault. She can’t seem to stop hiding from everything and everybody including her best friend JennaLouise.

But then Army sees Madison, the little girl who moved in across the way, climbing a tree and walking down the street unsupervised. Her family is not neglectful, just overwhelmed. Army finds herself overcome with the need to help Madison’s family to make sure another worst thing doesn’t happen–which becomes even more challenging when a big storm threatens her town.

Book Review

After The Worst Thing Happens is wholesome, educational and absolutely endearing.

It was refreshing to not only read a book with an Autistic character but a non-verbal one as well. Something very hard to write about and rarely done.

With this being a middle-grade read, I did find the relationship the younger character had with an adult next-door neighbor to be inappropriate and would encourage parents to explain this to their kids when they read this book.

After The Worst Thing Happens is an excellent read overall, classically endearing with characters you can relate to.

Giveaway Details

The author will be raffling off 3 copies of AFTER THE WORST THING HAPPENS during the book tour! (US Only)

About the Author

Audrey grew up in Whitestone, New York, where she lived with her parents and two sisters and a not very bright small white dog. She has a freaky memory about the names of the kids in her class at P.S. 184Q, and even remembers where most of them stood in size order.  

She always loved to read and still rereads Harriet the Spy on a regular basis.  She was not one of those children who always knew she wanted to be a writer; she didn’t love to write until college. She’s been writing ever since.  

In addition to writing for children, Audrey has published more than a dozen short stories for adults in magazines and literary journals. She received an mfa from Sarah Lawrence College.

Audrey divides her time between writing (which is mostly spent revising) and visiting elementary schools to talk about writing and publishing. (For school visit info, click here.) She also speaks at conferences around the country.  

She lives near the ocean in New Jersey with her family. and one fairly intelligent medium-sized black dog.

Audrey Vernick received a 2019 Fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.

Author Links: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Goodreads


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