Book: The Rainbow Bubble
Author: Alicia Fadgen
Genre: Children’s Picture Boook
Find It: Amazon

Book Overview

Johnny Patrick slams the door and races through his yard towards the woods.

He is on a mission.

A mission to find the end of the rainbow. Johnny Patrick is determined to find that pot of gold at the end of his rainbow!

Book Review

The Rainbow Bubble is a colorful and engaging book for young readers! We found ourselves really enjoying the illustrations and the positive messages that shined through.

Our kiddo is in Boy Scouts so it was a really cool surprise to see that in the book!
The Rainbow Bubble is such a great read and encompasses such amazing and meaningful lessons that reflect total positivity. We highly recommend this book!

About the Author

Alicia Fadgen was inspired from an early age to bring joy to children. Her first jobs consisted of babysitting and working at a toy store. Now as a mother, she strives to create imagination and a love of reading through her magical stories.

Alicia currently resides in New Jersey with her husband, 3 children, and the family dog. She has another book, Clumsy Callie, coming out in 2021.

Author Links: Amazon | Goodreads | Instagram | Facebook

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