Book: Santa: An Interview
Author: Meaghan Hurn
Genre: Christmas, Holiday, Children, Family, Teen
Publisher: Hurn Publications
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Book Overview

Santa: An Interview covers the tales of questions asked to and answered by Santa Claus one winter evening. In a remote northern village close to the North Pole, in a rare occasion during the holiday season Santa decided to take a break from Operation Christmas! He invited local kids and adults from all ages and backgrounds to the Fairbanks Public Library.

Santa had lovingly provided hot cocoa, snacks, blankets, pillows and a warm magical glowing fire for all in attendance. Tonight was for Santa and the families that came to share stories and ask him their questions. We’re lucky that one of the parents was a journalist for the local Fairbanks Gazette Newspaper, and by trade, always had a notebook in his back pocket. Thanks to this writer, Raymond “Ray” James, we can relive the stories and tales told that rare winter night for countless families to enjoy this holiday season.

You’ll read along as the pages of Ray’s notebook recount the stories and answers witnessed that one magical evening!

Book Excerpt

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About the Author

Coffee. Tea. Coffee. Tea. Add in Hot Cocoa if it’s during the holiday season. Boom!

My process is generally a lot of research and thinking; usually thinking out-loud to the dogs and cat, occasionally my husband is in the room. Most of the conversations are one sided with me generally doing most of the talking while my two dogs, cat and husband just stare at me like I’ve lost my mind. They’re usually right.

I whole-heartedly enjoy the process of researching and writing. It’s such a fun journey, and you tend to learn a lot during the process. My mind craves to learn, and this is my element.

I unfortunately express all my thoughts on my face, so if you were to see me during this portion on the process, it would be comical.  You’d most likely see a semi-unkempt woman mumbling to herself while her expressions change from the multitude of emotions that go through thinking on a book topic. Now that I think about it, the dogs, cat and husband are right, maybe I am a little crazy. Then again, most of us writers are an odd bunch.

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