Book: The American Holocaust 
Author: Brady Cruze 
Genre: Coming of Age Fiction
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Book Overview

Is the Holocaust really over? That is the question Jacob Rossner has asked himself every day since his family fled Nazi Germany for the United States. Jacob soon discovers that the so-called Promised Land is far from perfect as he journeys from New York to Raleigh.

This coming of age tale examines racism and prejudice through the eyes of a child who was forced to grow up too soon, but who finds love and acceptance in unexpected places.

Book Review

The American Holocaust is a poignant story that keeps the issue of racism and religious discrimination at the forefront, where it belongs.

While the story is hard to read at times, it’s honest, and reminds us that our Jewish brothers and sister are still ostracised and attacked.

I encourage you to read this story with an open mind and the ability to grow as a person.

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About the Author

Brady Cruze was born in Uruguay. At the age of 12 arrived to the US and quickly enrolled in school. While in the 10th grade, Brady wrote a four page story on racism for an English class assignment. That four page story was the basis for The American Holocaust.

After fourteen years of working on the book, Brady was able to publish it in 2018. Brady has experienced first hand the devastating results racism in the US even many decades after the civil rights movement. In The American Holocaust, Brady makes the argument that the US has another kind of Holocaust in it’s hands and that racism is still a big part of everyday culture. 

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