Authors: Nancy Kress, Ben Loory, R. S. A. Garcia, Michael Swanwick, Andy Duncan, Curtis C. Chen, Darrell Schweitzer, Imogen Howson, Edwina Harvey, Avram Davidson, J. M. Sidorova, Nancy Kress, (Edited by Anna Kashina and J. M. Sidorova)
Pub. Date: June 25, 2020
Publisher: Dragonwell Publishing
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Book Overview

There is no light without dark; no highlights without shadows; no good without evil. The Devil is where things happen. Where stories begin. This collection brings together stories from multiple cultures, featuring the Devil both as an abstract concept and a creature, a terror, a force of nature, an enemy, a trickster, and so many more.

Step into the world of shadows, and travel through Devil’s many incarnations spanning centuries of history and myth, from the Ancient Greece, African and Caribbean folklore, dark ages in Europe, all the way to the present day.

This anthology features new and established authors from diverse, multicultural backgrounds.

Praise for Devil’s Ways Anthology

“The Devil goes globe-trotting in this eclectic anthology that explores the many guises of the Dark Lord across cultures and ages. Persephone D’Shaun’s shocking “Nzembe” is a twisted tale of zombie-like creatures set in the plains of Africa with an ending some readers will find hard to stomach.

An unnamed girl tries to steal back her heart from her winged lover in R.S.A. Garcia’s lyrical “Fire in His Eyes, Blood on His Teeth,” which draws from Caribbean folklore and the legend of Nanny of the Maroons. Feminist themes carry through many of the tales.

Imogen Howson’s “Frayed Tapestry,” which follows an amnesiac woman and her manipulative husband, is a bit too on the nose, but elsewhere gender dynamics are handled more gracefully, as in “Of Finest Scarlet Was Her Gown” by Michael Swanwick, in which 15-year-old Su-yin follows her father into hell, where she must endure a series of horrible dates in order to save him from eternal damnation, and in Nancy Kress’s brilliant “Unto the Daughters,” a powerful reimagining of the story of Adam and Eve.

Though horror fiends may be disappointed to find little blood-curdling terror, there are very few duds among these wide-ranging tales. Readers are in for a devilish treat.”

PW Review

Book Review

Devil’s Ways Anthology is full of interesting short stories and some of them can linger with you. While classified as short stories, most of them were on the longer side, giving you the opportunity to really delve in as each story unravels.

The different interpretations of the Devil and what he/she/it may be is fascinating. Different cultures have different views on this topic and it was educational to read different perspectives from different cultures.

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About the Author

Founded in 2012, Dragonwell Publishing is based in the US Northeast and publishes 4-6 books a year, focusing mostly on science fiction and fantasy. Dragonwell Publishing titles have been featured by Publishers Weekly, ForeWord Magazine, RT Book Reviews, San Francisco Book Reviews, and Portland Book Reviews, and highlighted by Historical Novel Society and Mythopoetic Society.

Our books have been among the winners of the 2013 ForeWord Book of the Year Award and 2014 Independent Publishers Book Award.

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