Author: Dennis Mansfield
Pub. Date: April 21, 2020
Publisher: iuniverse Inc
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Book Overview

To Trust in What We Cannot See is the first book in Dennis Mansfield’s series of time-traveling, historical thrillers.

The story builds a genre-bending, thought provoking plot around a little known historical fact: During the month of January 1913, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and Josip Tito all lived in Vienna, Austria, near each other, and all regularly frequented the same coffee shop, Cafe Central. At the time, these five young men did not know one another-although some of them may have faced off in games of chess.

This historical science fiction epic travels across space-time dimensions in an effort to prevent past horrors-in particular, the rise of the Nazi party and the Holocaust. Yet, a calculated act of murder to change the past winds up having an earth-shattering impact on the future.

Praise for To Trust in What We Cannot See

“To say that Dennis Mansfield is a gifted author is merely to state the obvious. Dennis has a unique knack…a singular gift…of drawing the reader into the story with immediacy and the compulsion to know more. In his latest work, To Trust In What We Cannot See, suspension of disbelief requires perhaps 10 seconds before the notion of being involved in science fiction completely disappears, to be overwhelmed with a passionate desire to see what happens next…right now. Yet at the same moment, there is also the lurking notion the reader is experiencing something profound.”– Brock and Bodie Thoene, Authors of more than 70 best-selling works of historical fiction, including The Zion Chronicles and The AD Chronicles

“Science and history remarkably meet fiction! Dennis Mansfield’s spacetime thriller may change how you even look at time.”– Les Parrott, Ph.D., #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Love Like That

“Clearly Dennis Mansfield’s love and deep reservoir of historical knowledge comes though in the clever fabric of  To Trust In What We Cannot See. The blending of some of history’s most diabolical mega-monsters and the effort to set things right reveals it’s simply not that simple.”
Cameron V, Filmmaker/Author

Book Review

If we could of changed things in history, how different our world would be. To Trust in What We Cannot See portrays an imagined world where history is rewritten by those from the future.

This book does an excellent job of giving the reader both in a story of what if.  Dennis does a masterful job at looking at both sides of the coin.

We all think if Hitler was eliminated the world would be a better place. But would it?
Find out in To Trust in What We Cannot See by Dennis Mansfield!

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About the Author

Dennis Mansfield is the author of 8 books – non-fiction and fiction. He loves a great story, especially those born from history. Hence, he’s a veracious reader and movie buff. While he’s always enjoyed writing, he had no ambition to be an author.

When his son Nate passed away in 2009, he began looking at life in a totally different way. It was the crucible of grief that ignited his passion to write about life and to chronicle the lessons he learned from his experience, in his first book, Beautiful Nate. Seven books later he’s still writing and it’s part of his DNA — an outlet for the stories that fill his mind.

A Member of the West Point Class of 1978, where he served as Class President and a candidate for U.S. Congress, Dennis is an author, business coach and speaker at

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