Book: The Grim and the Fantastic 
Author: Marissa Miller 
Genre: Children’s, Middle Grade Fantasy
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Book Overview

The Grim and The Fantastic tells the story of Merton Clarke, and his journey battling a major illness, when a magical realm–filled with splendor and danger lurking in the shadows– reveals itself to him. There, he must face some terrible beasts in a battle to rid himself of his sickness.

Along the way, Merton makes two new friends who must fight their own monsters alongside him. If they can defeat their beasts from the realm in battle, just maybe, they will win the battle against their sickness in the real world too. Together, they test their limits, and their understanding of friendship, grief, bravery, and, above all, the power of hope.

A story of marvel, battles, and hardship, The Grim and the Fantastic takes a serious subject and seeks to breathe color back into the lives of those affected. The fantastical tale truly provides a whimsical place for children with troubles to escape to. 

Book Excerpt

So, what do you do while you’re here?” Merton asked, looking around, seeing no sign of monsters. “Explore?”
“Yes! It’s a wonderful place to explore.” Cathy chirped. “But we are also on a quest, Rosie and me.”
“A quest?”
“Well, we were told there is no cure for our illness,” Rosie answered.
Merton nodded. “My parents told me that too.”

“So, well, I thought that maybe we are supposed to look for a cure here.” Rosie continued. “I had only been here a few times after Doctor Tess— she is my doctor— told me about this place. I didn’t wander too far because I wasn’t too sure if any of this was real or a dream.” She explained. Merton nodded again.He could certainly relate to that.

“Then I stumbled on Cathy here, skipping on some stepping stones down the way from my door. She’s been coming here for a while, I guess. So, she started showing me more and more each day. And every time I would go back to my room and be sick again, I started really wanting to come here to have the energy to do the things I can’t do back at home.” Rosie took a breath and continued, her words all bubbling over like she had been wanting someone to explain this to.

Merton waited patiently for her to finish her story, eager to hear what she had to say“And I just sort of started wondering what the point was. Is this place just to provide relief? Then I remembered what Doctor Tess said about being warriors, and the items, and the beasts. We are supposed to find our beasts and battle them. So, I assume, maybe, we will get better if we can do that.

But then, I thought that maybe, if something in this place makes us feel better, we can find a way to take some of it back with us as a cure. Or, at least, get rid of the cancer.” Merton nodded, thinking over Rosie’s theory. He didn’t see any reason why it didn’t make sense. Rosie was clearly a very bright and insightful little girl.

“Can’t you just take some water back from the streams or something?” He asked the obvious question and awaited an obvious answer— which he got.

“It can’t make it through the doorway!” Cathy, who had opted to sit down for Rosie’s speech, squeaked, gesturing like she had just dropped something on floor. “We tried that already. We think the cure must be something less obvulis .”

Obvious , Cathy.” Rosie corrected gently.

“That’s what I said, obvulis .” Cathy fumbled over the word again. “If it’s here, it’s gotta be something deeper in the world. So, we are on a quest to find it! Do you want to help?”

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About the Author 

Marissa Miller is an up and coming author, who has spent the last few years working on novels and children’s books. She currently resides in northern California with her husband, two little dogs (Alice and Diggory), and two cats (Burt and Winry).

Miller has been an aspiring storyteller since she was a young girl and began more seriously pursuing the art of writing in her teens.  After a happy accident with miscommunication in 2017, Miller began producing illustrations to accompany her work; she now attempts to incorporate in her illustrative style with all of her works.

Miller’s first published work is the wonderfully imaginative children’s book, Chasing Figments. Following her picture book, Miller published an illustrated young reader’s book, The Grim and The Fantastic. Both books embody Miller’s brand, which is finding the splendor in one’s life, no matter the circumstance, and using imagination to overcome obstacles.

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