Book: Hunger Winter
Author: Rob Currie
Genre: Middle-Grade Historical Fiction
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Book Overview

It’s the Netherlands in late 1944. Thirteen-year-old Dirk’s Papa left to fight with the Resistance. Then Mama died. When the Gestapo snatched his older sister and he learned they were coming for him next, Dirk left home in the middle of the night.

He had his pockets stuffed with food, his little sister asleep in his arms, and his heart heavy with a dark secret.

Book Review

Hunger Winter is the story of a courageous boy and his family as they fight for freedom, in the Nazi occupied Netherlands during WWII.

I would consider this a thriller in a historical setting more so than a work of historical fiction. While some interesting historic details were included in the story, it is by and large an action and adventure story.

What’s not noted in the book blurb is that this book is largely Christian Fiction. So if you’re of a different religion, it might not feel very inclusive and can take away from your overall enjoyment with the repetition of the author’s religious beliefs being unnecessarily hammered into the book.

The little compendium of facts at the back was a nice touch, and you will find all the historical fact that is vaguely touched up in the novel there.

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About the Author

Life conspired to get Rob Currie to write Hunger Winter: A World War II Novel. His father is a World War II veteran and his wife is Dutch. An award-winning author, it was only a matter of time before he would focus his writing on World War II. Research for Hunger Winter included numerous books, interviews with Dutch WWII survivors, and three weeks in the Netherlands. His investigation revealed astonishing details about the Dutch experience of the war, which begged to be turned into a book.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, he graduated from Cornerstone University and went on to earn a master’s degree and doctorate in psychology from St. Louis University. He has taught psychology at Judson University since 1987. His hobbies include playing basketball, cooking, and writing poetry.

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