Author: Lynn Veevers
Pub. Date: May 15, 2020
Publisher: Self-Published
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Book Overview

True love knows no boundaries, it sees no color, even if that love is forbidden. Believing that got Eden’s mom, Echo killed at the age of sixteen, and the identity of Eden’s father was one of many secrets she took to the grave. Instead of moving on, Echo’s soul moved in. With her mother’s presence in her body, Eden can feel Echo’s emotions and hear her thoughts. When Eden tells, pseudo father, Uncle Daryl, about the voice in her head, it takes her down a road that leads to a diagnosis of multiple personalities.

Now at seventeen, Eden has a secret love affair of her own with Drew. If Uncle Daryl ever found out the consequences would rip them apart, but that’s the least of Eden’s problems. As new clues surface surrounding her father’s identity, Eden finds herself on a dangerous path that could answer her paternity questions and the mysteries of her mother’s death, but at what cost?

Eden can feel the weight of the secrets Echo keeps from her—secrets that have Echo’s killer returning after seventeen years with a mind to make history repeat itself.

Book Review

Eden’s Echo had a unique and intriguing book blurb that initially grabbed my attention when I saw it. How often do you find a mystery novel that includes ghosts inhabiting bodies and schizophrenia?!

Overall we felt Lynn Veevers did an excellent job at world building and some character development.

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About the Author

Lynn Veevers is originally from Washington State. An award winning author she is both traditionally and self published. With her mother being from Christchurch, New Zealand and her father being a well-traveled retired Navy Chief, Lynn has always had a fascination with different cultures around the world. An avid reader, she prefers books that take her to a place she’s never been and teach her something new at the same time. The Young Adult Genre is her absolute favorite to read, so it comes as no surprise that it is also her favorite to write. Lynn, on average, pens two to three novels a year.

Aside from being an author, Lynn is also an award winning graphic designer, and an editor. You can see this side of her here: https://www.storiedgraphics.com/

Today Lynn lives with her husband and kids in Southeast Oklahoma. Her young adult and adolescent children are supportive and avid beta readers of her work and give her a straightforward and honest point of view about how authentic her characters voices and personalities are for their age group. What better reference than someone close to the same age as the main character. Her kids always have and always will be her greatest inspiration.

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