Book: Sea Planes Don’t Fly at Night
Authors: Jeff & Clare Curtis
Genre: Non-Fiction Mystery/Thriller
Release Date: October 2019
Find It: Amazon

Book Overview

It was a small decision that changed their lives forever.

Successful young couple Jeff and Clare Curtis are enjoying a romantic babymoon in the Maldives when Clare goes into premature labour, nine weeks early. The nearest hospital is a storm-ridden boat ride away, as it soon becomes clear that the lives of mother and child are in jeopardy. Can they get medical help in time?

With the storm continuing to rage, the events that follow stretch Clare and Jeff’s mental, emotional and physical limits to breaking point. Working as a team, they call on their own resources, the assistance of strangers and even divine intervention – whatever it takes to save the life of their unborn child.

Clare and Jeff have written this book to thank the many people who did what they could to help save the life of their premature baby. In a world where segregation and violence are often seen as commonplace, the world they discovered was one of kindness and support. Join them on their personal journey back into the depths of their worst fears, as they retell their quest to save the life of their child and bring him home alive.

Book Excerpt


I was lying in bed in my bloodstained nightie. I didn’t feel as if I was being particularly helpful, but everyone was telling me in no uncertain terms that I needed to relax. Are they serious? I remember thinking. Relax was not justifiable in my mind. I was trying to process what the doctor had just said to me, to us. Labour? I thought dismissively. What is this woman talking about? I had seen the films, the documentaries of birthing and what was required, and even though I hadn’t at that point completed the pre-natal course, I was certain that labour pains felt different to constipation. When was the last time I had gone to the toilet? I thought logically to myself. Surely, I’m just constipated?

Really, this must be a big misunderstanding that was turning into a three-ring circus, a charade of embarrassment at my expense that would eventually amount to nothing. Plus, when I checked again, I could see the bleeding had begun to subside. I was sure that it was just a false alarm.

‘It’s okay,’ Jeff said levelly. ‘You just need to rest and make sure the baby is safe.’

I didn’t have a choice, so I did as I was being told, knowing that for that moment it was most certainly the best thing for me, and for that matter the baby. I would do whatever it took to ensure a positive outcome. As numb as I was, I would have to muster all of my natural resolve and do exactly what was necessary for the survival of my child. It was terribly hard, and somewhere in the back of my mind I knew tragic things happened when you least expected them.

I also knew worrying would not help or change that. At that point, there simply was no knowing what would happen; either the baby had already miscarried, or it was going to be delivered whenever and wherever it decided to enter the world.

I could see phone calls being made and a plan was put into motion to expedite my move to the best possible place to deliver or remove the miscarried baby. I wouldn’t class myself as a particularly religious person, but I lay there hoping, even praying, 

that my baby was still alive inside me. The not knowing was terrifying. I felt nauseous.

Book Review

Sea Planes Don’t Fly At Night is an enthralling, gripping and scary retelling of actual events that took place in both the Authors’ lives.

I didn’t put this book down, to be honest, I cooked while reading. I needed to know what was going to happen to their unborn child; would he be saved?! I think the story is twice as gripping because it’s all true.

Fighting to save your baby’s life in remote areas where they have a bad reputation plus language barriers is a challenge I wish on no person, but Jeff and Clare Curtis didn’t let anything stop them. I walked away with several emotions, but overall it was beautiful to see the world all working together to try help them and their baby.

The love of your baby knows no bounds, and that resonates throughout the world, no matter what language you speak.

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