Book: BULB
Author: Bradley Wind
Genre: Sci-fi/Speculative Fiction
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Book Overview

If light records everything we do, can even shadows hide our secrets?

Imagine your entire life is available for review.

Imagine each day any event can be watched over and over again – your birth, your first kiss, your recent shower, that private itch – all replayable from any angle. Now imagine these can be viewed by anyone at any time.

Is a world where there is far less ego, little crime, and even the smallest moments are recorded and available publicly through the ‘Grand Archive’ a Utopia or a Dystopia? Traumatized by memories he does not want to recall, artist Ben Tinthawin is recruited by the enigmatic, Grand Archive creator Dr. Mamon, who seeks help for his nextgen designs to enhance the world. Ben stumbles across a secret revealing the doctor’s true scheme in all its surreal splendor and questions whether the doctor really is the benevolent soul he claims to be.As the paths of a broken man and a brilliant revolutionary cross, the world shifts and cracks start to appear. Even our most fundamental codes can be encrypted – or corrupted. If the wrong information is discovered, more than Ben’s life will be in danger of total shut down.

Prepare yourself for full exposure.

Book Review

Bradley Wind throws you into a foreign world, with technology, history, assumptions and problems very different from our own. BULB is scifi with mystery. BULB is “Minority Report” meets the “Matrix”. BULB doesn’t follow your typical scifi-thriller genre and that’s what sets it apart.

Get ready for a glimpse into our society’s’ future. It makes our current world of social media look simple and quaint. The concept of no privacy and people being able to look back on their own life (or yours) is scary– but altogether believable, which is even scarier. This is not a book one can skim through, but I think it is definitely worth the time to read it. If you aren’t put off by a book that goes off in tangents and isn’t strictly linear, give this book a try.

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Bradley Wind will be awarding a $15 Amazon/Barnes & Noble Giftcard to a randomly drawn winner during the tour.

About the Author

Bradley Wind was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He is a prolific visual artist whose work has exhibited in the 20th-century wing of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

He worked as a toy designer for K’nex Industries, a manager of IT for Pearl S. Buck International and is currently a director of IT for a child-focused non-profit. He raises chickens and two lovely girls with his wife in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

BULB is his latest novel.

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