Book: Smailholm
Author: C.L. Williams
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: January 28th 2020
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Book Overview

Shh! Can you keep a secret?

In wild medieval Britain thirteen-year-old Wynn Hoppringle has a big secret of the smallest kind. She has discovered a miniature village hidden close to her family home of Smailholm Tower. When tales of merciless border raiders reach the small folk, they realise they are in danger and must seek a cure to their strange predicament. Can Wynn help her tiny friends or will the scheming King quog have other ideas? Heroes it seems come in all sizes.

“A spellbinding tale of adventure, magic and friendship”
V.F.Sharp, author of The Forest of Arrows

Book Review

An engaging fantasy with a curse, friendship, and magical adventures. C.L. Williams’ ability to build enthralling worlds abounds in this novel. She’s added to it even more by creating a hybrid of real and fictitious locations within the book and that is one of the many details that sets this novel apart from its competition.

This was a creative story inspired by Scottish history and lore about a girl named Anne-Wynn Hopringle, the second of 3 daughters of a Scottish Laird. If you’re looking for a debut novel that hits it out of the park, this middle-grade fantasy knocks it out of the park.

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Giveaway Details

Giveaway Prize 1) One copy of a luxury cloth-bound hardback with Smailholm book swag including enamel ‘Reader of Magic’ enamel pin, Believer bookmark, three character illustrations and miniature bow and arrow charm (INT).

Giveaway Prize 2) One copy of Smailholm audio book narrated by Rosie Jones (INT)

Giveaway Prize 3) $25 gift voucher (Amazon)

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