Book: Stolen Princess 
Author: Nikki Jefford  
Publication date: November 11th 2018
Genres: Fairy Tales, Fantasy, New Adult,Retelling

Book Overview

She sacrificed herself to save her family from poverty…

The ball was only the beginning.

It wasn’t enough to kill my mate, heir to the throne. My obsessive Fae brother-in-law wants the crown. And he wants me ruling by his side.

I thought I was done with romance until a certain pompous elf reappeared in my life at the illustrious Monster Ball. A little teasing led to bruised lips and captured hearts. No one wants Jhaeros and me to be together, not even my favorite sister, Melarue. But she’s a teenager just coming into her elemental powers and discovering boys—the wrong kind—the type I want to shoot arrows through.

My royal in-laws are playing a treacherous game, and my brother-in-law is determined to get what he wants. But this elf princess no longer has a master. I don’t want a crown. I want freedom, family, and the love of a lifetime. But love might be the one thing that destroys us all.

**This book will now include the prequel novella Enemies and Lovers.

Book Review

I was entranced, and taken hostage into the worlds that Nikki Jefford weaved. Her heroine is strong, smart, brave and feisty. Plus a badass!

The prequel novella ‘Enemies and Lovers’ is included now in this book and I have to say that was a brilliant idea to add that in! It helps fully build the story and without it I think I would have been fully confused.

What a ride this book is.. You don’t know who to trust, or what will happen next. It is a great read that takes you on an epic journey. It’s a roller-coaster ride from the first page.

Aerith is an elf and enters a competition to be the next Fae queen. Her skills with a bow and arrow are amazing and really all the prince wanted was someone to protect him from his own treacherous family. When things don’t go so well, she lands back in her realm and in her father’s home. A father who took the stipend that was given to him for marrying off Aerith and spent it on useless things.

Now he’s trotting her around like prized cattle at auction to maintain his lifestyle. There is so much going on in Aeriths world she can’t keep up and the past is bound to catch you especially when it’s an all powerful fae.

There are epic fights, betrayal, kingdoms, elves and Fae, feisty Spitfire women, intrigue, and most of all suspense. This literally has everything that you’re looking at for: fantasy, adventure, romance, and suspense. The author develops each character and has them morph right in front of your eyes.

You will be rooting until the very end and eager to grab the next book.

About the Author

Nikki Jefford is an award-winning, bestselling author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and quirky combinations in-between.
She is a third-generation Alaskan now living in the Pacific Northwest with her Westie, Cosmo, and her French husband, who she wouldn’t trade in for anyone–not even Spike or Mr. Darcy!

When she’s not writing, she’s reading, walking, or out riding her motorcycle, a Honda CB500F, (so long as it’s sunny and warm)!
To get in on the fun and adventure, visit Nikki at her website for release alerts, updates, exclusive giveaways, and a free story when you subscribe to her newsletter:

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