Book Overview

Flung thousands of light years distant in a terrible accident, the crew of the Talisman must make their way back to Earth by crossing a vast volume of hostile space.

The Talisman– a medical and science vessel manned by over 100 people from several planets, and led by some of the bravest souls in the galaxy:

Unwavering, protective Captain Reina Lancer. Strong, tortured Deputy Commander Gray Rhodes. Beautiful, empathic Althorian Lieutenant Sorakith. Shy yet ferocious Kenek Security Chief Rax.

And their ship’s AI, named Gulliver, who might just be too smart for his own good.

Together, they are going to navigate their way through a minefield of dangers on their journey, the most deadly of which being an alliance between terrifying aliens that look like inside-out lobsters and a race of self-replicating machines known as Malign.

And when the Talisman crew uncover a plot to spread a deadly plague to Earth, the survival of humanity may just depend on one “little ship that could” getting back home.

Action, adventure, aliens and AI mixed in an antimatter-powered space time blender!

Some reader reviews:

“…balances character development, a thrilling plot, and technical knowledge very well.”
“…exciting, inventive, and imaginative.”
“…awesome world building. Absolutely recommend this book.”

Book Review

Talisman of Earth builds steadily in the beginning, breaking character norms, and enlightening the reader by going in depth with AI technology and its variances. Think more geek (star trek) in that you’ll be learning while you’re being entertained by the author and the world that he’s built.

There is no shortage of creativity, the aliens are imaginatively well written, the world-building is unique and after the first few chapters you find yourself enthralled in the story. The characters’ mission is well worth the risks and there are plenty of risks to be had!

This debut novel shows a promising career for A.S. Deller and we’re looking forward to seeing what Reina Lancer, Gray Rhodes, Rax, Sorakith, and the rest of the crew of the Talisman will do next.

About the Author

Despite having a lifelong love of science and astronomy, A. S. Deller attended university for film-making and anthropology before working in the pharmaceutical, video game and television data fields.

He publishes articles on Medium centered on technology, space, and artificial intelligence and lives in the Washington, DC area with his wife, children, and a small menagerie of cats and dogs.

Author Links

Amazon: A.S. Deller
Goodreads: A.S. Deller
Twitter: A.S. Deller
Instagram: A.S. Deller

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