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With the partial government shutdown, it didn’t really effect parks since most were closed for the winter season already. Of the few that opted to stay open (with limited services), none are more popular than the Yosemite National Park.

Quoted at the beginning of the shutdown, Yosemite wanted to make an effort to keep the park open for the holiday season and family travelers.

Yosemite is open, but staffing will be light. Yosemite National Park will be open if a federal government shutdown occurs tonight, although some services like ranger walks and museums will discontinue.


Unfortunately, travelers in the area abused the privilege of the parks concerted effort to keep the parks open for them, and instead took to using the sides of the roads to use the restroom, instead of locating bathrooms that were open.

Now, because of this, Yosemite National Park is now closed until the partial government shutdown has run its course. Proving that people can be very ungrateful. The park rangers decided to work with no pay, allowing the public use of the national park, in the spirit of the holiday season. Instead, they now have to clean up after these disgusting people.

-Restrooms were open for travelers at Yosemite National Park at specified locations.
-Restrooms were open at the entrances of the parts of the park that were still available to the public, with excessive signage showing that there were limited restrooms. Encouraging park attendees to enjoy the park for the day, not as an overnight guests.
-On Friday, portable restrooms were installed to assist with the issue and people entering closed areas of the park are being cited.

(all information found on the Yosemite National Park website)

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