Meet Lompoc Resident & Small Business Owner, Monica Orsua

In a time where you can order anything online, including your groceries, we find that more and more small businesses are closing their doors. Lompoc, CA has had it’s fair share of businesses (both big and small) coming and going, and we’d like to help counteract that in anyway we can.

In our next installment of the Lompoc Strong Series, we met with Monica Orsua, a fellow Lompoc resident and small business owner of Patsy’s Baked Goods & Confections.



Meet Monica Orsua, mother of four, local Lompocian and a small business owner of Patsy’s Baked Goods & Confections. Monica spends most of her time home schooling her four children; ages 8, 5,3 and 2. When she’s not educating her children she’s working on growing her business and selling her amazing treats.

Monica’s educational and former work background was in accounting and development; she managed many offices and held down the fort, as it were.  She’s since retired from managing and has jumped into a more artistic line of work; using baking as a means to both relax and to grow as a creative individual. When asked about how she spends what little free time she has, she laughs and says she researches new recipes and learns more about her craft. Additionally, she takes Extended Education courses; Monica believes in continued learning, at any age.

Monica grew up in a loving home, and was taught how to bake at an early age, from her Grandmother, Patsy; for whom she named her business after. Of her four kiddos, it’s her eldest at the bright age of 8 that’s continued to inspire her. Little Alyssa has ardently stated that when she grows up she wants to open her own restaurant.

So, like any supportive mother she found a way to help her daughter start to learn and express her passion, bringing her in on the knowledge that Monica was taught when she was a little girl. This has only ignited Alyssa’s passion even more and you can often find her helping out her mom at our local Farmer’s Market selling their baked goods and confections. If you’re lucky, you’ll even spot Patsy herself, pictured here with her grand-daughter, Alyssa.


Patsy, Alyssa and Monica were in attendance at Lompoc’s Old Town Market 2018 that was held from June 29th-August 10th. The girls were at the 2nd Annual Open Streets on August 3-4th and hope to continue to show up at area Farmer’s Markets and reach out to any local businesses that would be interested in stocking their baked goods.

Patsy’s Baked Goods Current Menu

Monica has a standing menu, but if you’re following her on Facebook, you’ll see seasonal gems like these Halloween Treats available:

Monica also works with Gluten Free recipes and is open to more Paleo based confections should customers want more specific treats made. When you meet her, keep one of her business cards on you, they also serve as your customer appreciation card and after 10 stamps you get a free menu item.

I asked Monica what her favorite item was and she hilariously asked “To bake or to eat?!” Good point, it’s all amazing. Her favorite to make are her dipped apples but her favorite treat to eat also happens to be her number one seller, Lemon Blueberry Bread. Yum! Talk about mouth-watering!


Monica was fun to speak with, and she seems to enjoy making her fellow Lompocians happy through baked goods and confections. Additionally, she sees the inspiration this brings to her daughter and knows that while being a small businesses owner may not always be easy; it is laying important groundwork and instilling hard work and a desire to chase your dreams in her children. That’s worth any hard day.

Upcoming Events:

December 8th 2018: 3rd Annual Holly Jolly Jubilee

Old Town Market
Arts Festival
Flower Festival
Lompoc Certified Farmer’s Market

Follow Patsy’s Baked Goods & Confections on Facebook for great deal, seasonal treats and to place your order.

They’re a registered business through Lompoc, CA. Permit# PR0514694

If you’d like to learn more about our Lompoc Strong Project or be part of it please contact us at:

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