Fall Is prime time for TV shopping, with some models reduced as much as 50% from their original prices. But it takes consumer smarts to navigate Black Friday hype and come away with a great deal.


Savvy shoppers know that timing can be everything if you want a great price. That’s especially true when shopping for a new TV. “New TV’s come out every year in the spring, and heir prices start to decline quickly,” says Deirdre Kennedy, senior analyst for TVs at the retail market research firm GAP Intelligence. “But they tend to really drop around October, and then even more sharply by the tome Black Friday comes around. It’s not just hype; this really is a great time for consumers to shop for a new set.”

If you miss the big TV deals around Black Friday, or if you’re like our co-founder, who wouldn’t be caught dead in a Black Friday crowd, don’t worry. The prices drop once again right before the NFL’s Super Bowl Sunday Game.

Here are 8 factors to consider:

  1. Check Out ‘Look-Alike’ Models
    Don’t fall for the “Door-Buster Specials.” They are usually available in limited quantity and are often basic models. Look for more derivative models, they can have fewer features but that’s where you need to weigh out what it is you’re looking for in a TV.
  2. Pick Your Timing
    Since 2017, prices of some expensive LG OLED TVs dropped as much as 40% from their high points, according to GAP Intelligence. If you can’t-or you’re just not ready to buy- it’s fine to wait a few months. You’ll have another chance at a deal during the promotions that traditionally start just before the Super Bowl, in early February. IMG_1338
  3. Explore Your Buying Options
    Choosing online shopping vs in-store shopping will depend on if you can handle the crowds, if you’re the type of shopper that needs to see it in person or if you prefer to compare prices online to ensure your confidence in buying. Online shoppers tend to be the more patient type that are willing to wait for a good deal, in-store shoppers tend to be less patient, needing the instant gratification of purchasing and bringing the item home immediately.
  4. Don’t Hesitate To Haggle
    57% of shoppers who negotiated for a free warranty or warranty extension were successful. “So, it’s always worth trying to haggle, and more often than not you’ll have some level of success.”-Karen Jaffe, a manager in Consumer Reports’ survey research department.
  5. Pick Your Priorities
    Would you rather skimp a bit on picture quality to buy a set with a bigger screen, or get the best possible picture on a smaller set? Do you plan to use an external sound system or sound bar speaker? If you do, don’t pay extra for a TV with great sound.
  6. Don’t Be Afraid To Go Bigger
    If you have room for it, a mega-screen TV can be inspiring, really showcasing your favorite movies and TV shows. Just make sure that the seating distance from the TV puts the whole image comfortably within view.
  7. Consult The HDR Scores
    Check out the in depth chart and research conducted by Consumer Reports
  8. Factor In Sound Quality
    A TV’s sound is an afterthought for many shoppers, but a set with satisfying sounds can add visceral excitement to what you see on screen. After all, a movie’s soundtrack often gets as much attention as any other part of production.


Source: Consumer Reports 2018


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